Can You Have A Kitchen Without A Dishwasher? (Answered)

Washing dishes is one of the most common chores a person will have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

For most, there is no way around it and that is why finding a good solution becomes mandatory. In most cases, this means setting up a dishwasher in the kitchen and calling it a day.

However, what if your kitchen can’t support a dishwasher? What if there is not enough space for one to be set up? You will start thinking about a kitchen without a dishwasher.

You can have a kitchen without a dishwasher. The alternative to this set up is to install the dishwasher in a secondary location (i.e. basement), use a portable dishwasher, or wash the dishes in a sink using traditional methods.

You are not going to be straight out of luck when a kitchen can’t support a dishwasher.

Here is a look at a few options if you want to have a kitchen without a dishwasher in it.

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Tips If You Want A Kitchen Without A Dishwasher

1. Find A Second Room For It

If there is no room for a dishwasher, you do not have to stick it in the kitchen.

It is a myth that installing a dishwasher in the kitchen is your only option. This has simply been a traditional location because it is where the meals are prepared and it is often close to the dining room.

However, you can always relocate a dishwasher if that is optimal for your setup.

For example, it is common for people to have a dishwasher in the basement. This might be out of the way but it is a good option if you are willing to move the dishes to the dishwasher from time to time.

Anyone that wants to still have a dishwasher in the house will need to think about a secondary location.

This also has to account for the plumbing in the house and how the dishwasher is going to work.

2. Use A Portable Dishwasher

You can always look at the latest technology to figure out what will work for your dishwashing needs.

For example, the market has portable dishwashers for those who don’t have enough space for a full-sized appliance.

This will go on the countertop and will wash a few dishes as required.

If you are not going to be washing numerous dishes during the day, why not invest in a portable dishwasher?

The right one will offer great value and clean the dishes as required too.

The best part is the portable dishwasher is easier to maintain and can be put away when you are done.

Some dishwashers roll on wheels from place to place. You can use these as a way to rinse dishes and make sure they are as clean as you want them to be.

3. Wash Dishes In A Sink

This is always going to be an option.

For most people, if you are not going to be using a traditional dishwasher then you will need to go back to what works for the average person.

This would be washing the dishes in a sink.

This traditional route is always going to work well and sometimes it is the best route. It will ensure you also save on electricity, which is never a bad thing.

You have to weigh the pros and cons of this option to see if it is the right fit for you.

In some cases, washing the dishes by hand will also make it easier to conserve water. It comes down to maximizing how you wash the dishes.

The only thing with this is you are going to be using more effort.

This becomes cumbersome if you have loads of dishes to wash each day. For smaller families, this won’t be an issue and you can get away with handwashing dishes at home.

Final Thoughts

Can you have a kitchen without a dishwasher?

You can have a kitchen without a dishwasher. The dishwasher can be placed in a secondary room in the house, you can use a portable dishwasher, or wash the dishes by hand each day.

The options are out there to personalize your dishwashing experience based on the house you’re in.

Having a dishwasher in the kitchen is not mandatory nor is it something you should be going for if there is not enough space.

Stick to what works for you and personalize the setup based on that requirement. This is how you are going to make sure you wash dishes the right way without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

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