Can You Put Laminate Flooring Around A Gas Fireplace? (Answered)

Most property owners are going to have a particular vision when it comes to how their room looks.

This includes not only the gas fireplace but also the flooring around it.

You are not going to want to compromise on this and that is when it becomes important to find the right type of flooring for a gas fireplace. You will want to start by asking, can you put laminate flooring around the gas fireplace?

Yes, you can put laminate flooring around the gas fireplace. Laminate flooring is robust, works well with extreme heat, and is not going to lose its shape when the fireplace runs throughout the colder days.

Compared to other flooring materials, laminate flooring is one of those options that will work well near a gas fireplace.

This article is going to look at the main advantages of having laminate flooring around a gas fireplace and want to think about when going down this path.

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Benefits of Laminate Flooring Around A Gas Fireplace

1. Can Withstand Extreme Heat

The advantages of laminate flooring around a gas fireplace start with one of the most basic details.

This is going to come in the form of the heat that a gas fireplace produces.

You are going to want to choose the flooring that will do well under duress and is not going to start falling apart as soon as you put it to the test.

The beauty of laminate flooring is seen in how well it handles extreme heat.

Imagine running a gas fireplace throughout the winter and then noticing the flooring break apart or lose its shape. This does happen with other materials but it is not going to be a problem with laminate flooring.

If you are looking for something that will do well even if it is sitting right in front of the gas fireplace then it’s best to start here.

Laminate flooring is the real deal when it is time to tolerate heat.

2. Does Not Lose Color Near The Fireplace

You are going to worry about discoloration whenever there is heat involved.

If you notice other flooring materials, it’s common for the floor to look good away from the gas fireplace but then get worse closer to the fixture.

This is due to how the heat impacts the flooring materials.

With laminate flooring, you are not going to have to fret about this at all. It is going to play out as you want it to and discoloration is not going to be a concern.

This is important for those who want to ensure their flooring looks perfect from all angles and ages the right way.

3. Robust

Laminate flooring is good near a gas fireplace because it’s robust.

The material itself is renowned for lasting a long time and is a new-age material that has become a go-to option for property owners.

It is a low-maintenance option and one you are going to covet in a living room. Just set up the gas fireplace and know this is the type of flooring you can rely on as soon as it is turned on.

For most property owners, laminate flooring is the only option they are going to prefer due to this reason.

4. Easy To Customize

Let’s assume you are thinking about adding laminate flooring to a living room.

You are going to want to ensure it looks in line with your vision for the space. It is not just about being compatible with a gas fireplace but also thinking about the rest of the room’s layout.

In this case, laminate flooring is world-class because it is versatile.

This is going to let you pick the type of color that will work well for your room and it is going to ensure you can size it based on those details too.

Final Thoughts

Can you put laminate flooring around a gas fireplace?

You can put laminate flooring around a gas fireplace. This flooring material does well with extreme heat, does not discolor easily, and remains low maintenance due to how robust it is.

If you are thinking about adding flooring near a gas fireplace then this is one of the first materials you are going to want to account for.

It will not let you down and it is going to last for a long time.

This is important for those who want to ensure they are thinking about how the fireplace is going to work and how it will age as time goes on.

With this type of flooring, you are going to be confident in its efficiency and the value you get from it too.

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