My Lamp Is In The Middle Of The Room With No Outlet! (Fixed)

When you are setting up a new lamp, it’s common to want to set it up in a manner that’s functional, reasonable and offers complete illumination.

The last thing you are going to want is to have the lamp tucked away to the side while the rest of the space is kept dark.

Of course, when you attempt to move the lamp, you have to think about how it’s going to be powered. This includes having a lamp in the middle of the room with no outlet.

If the lamp is in the middle of the room with no outlet, run the cord below the flooring, set up a floor outlet, or use a battery pack. This will depend on the layout of the room and whether or not you can drill into the floor.

The easiest solution is to use a battery pack. This is a small pack that will sit beside the lamp and can be used to power the fixture when it’s turned on.

You will have to keep the battery pack charged but it will keep things looking as clean as you want.

For a more long-term strategy, you will need to consider setting up a floor outlet or running the cord below the floor by drilling into it.

This guide is going to go through each option and what you should consider when putting a lamp in the middle of a room with no outlet nearby.

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How To Fix Lamp In The Middle Of The Room with No Outlet

1. Use A Cordless Battery Pack

You can always use a battery pack for a lamp where no outlet is.

This is a great solution as you learn how to power a lamp in the middle of a room.

The cordless battery pack is going to sit fully charged next to the lamp. You will have access to the AC outlet through the battery pack and it will power the lamp for hours at a time.

Since most people are not going to keep the lamp on 24/7, you can easily recharge the battery pack during the day.

While this does take more “maintenance” due to the recharging, you can find a long-lasting battery back for lamps in the middle of a room.

It’s best to use this solution as it will stay out of the way and look clean too. Plus, it takes seconds to set up.

lamp in middle of room no outlet

2. Install A Floor Outlet

This is going to be a difficult project but one that is useful if you have access to a qualified electrician.

The premise here is to have a floor outlet drilled into the circuit.

This means the outlet is going to run through the floor and will ink to the circuit. When you plug the lamp into the floor outlet, it will look clean and the power is going to be streamlined to the fixture.

This is the same as having a wall outlet nearby.

If you do go down this route, you have to understand it is going to be costly. This will cost a significant amount due to the labor and materials involved in the process.

It is often not recommended to go down this path unless the lamp is a key feature in the room.

3. Run Cord Underneath The Floor

Another option is to run the cord underneath the floor depending on the flooring material.

If you can drill into the flooring, you can easily have the cord running from the outlet to the lamp underneath the flooring.

This means the cord is not going to show at all.

The one thing you have to note about this is the damage to the flooring and making sure nothing will damage the cord itself once it’s set up.

lamp in middle of room no outlet

4. Hide The Cord Using Rugs & Furniture

You can always hide the cord using rugs and/or surrounding furniture.

This is not a recommended solution.

The main issue has to do with how sloppy it’s going to look. You will want to learn how to hide the power cord in the middle of the room by using something far more structured.

If you run out of options or don’t have time, it’s okay to simply use the surrounding fixtures to hide the power cord.

Final Thoughts

These are the best options available to you when it comes to a lamp in the middle of the room with no outlet nearby.

If the lamp is in the middle of the room with no outlet, it’s best to consider installing a battery pack near the lamp. Other solutions include setting up a floor outlet or hiding the cord by drilling into the flooring.

It’s best to use a battery pack as it’s cleaner and more efficient.

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