How To Fix Large Gap Between Hardwood Floor And Wall (Solved)

When it comes to hardwood flooring, everything needs to be balanced. If not, it can start to look incomplete.

This is why property owners are particular about the hardwood flooring sitting flush with the wall and looking seamless.

For this to happen, you will have to work on the large gap between the hardwood floor and wall.

To fix a large gap between the hardwood floor and wall, it’s important to use a quality wood filler. Apply the wood filler in the gap, let it dry, and sand down any excess filler sitting on the surface.

This is a quick fix and one that will work in filling a gap instantly.

Please note, you can also use other solutions such as silicone caulk to fill the gap. It depends on the type of finishing you’re after.

This guide will explain how to fix a large gap between the hardwood floor and wall.

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Steps To Fix Large Gap Between Hardwood Floor And Wall

1. Measure The Gap

Before using a wall gap filler, it’s best to measure the gap itself.

You will want to have a read on how much wood filler is required to fill the gap. This will ensure you use an even amount and don’t have a bumpy finish.

To do this right, measure the length, width, and depth of the gap. Do this around the property to ensure you have covered each aspect of the large gap.

This information is key because it will allow you to use the right amount of wood filler for the gap.

If there’s a 1-inch gap between floor and wall or a 2-inch gap between floor and wall, it’s important to have these details in hand.

large gap between hardwood floor and wall

2. Invest In A Good Wood Filler

To fill the gap between wood and wall, you have to invest in a good wood filler.

Wood fillers are great because they are easy to use with hardwood flooring and will look aesthetically pleasing. After all, you will want something easy on the eyes as soon as it dries.

Other solutions can work such as silicone caulk, but it’s much harder to get a balanced finish.

You have to keep this in mind when deciding what works and what doesn’t for your hardwood flooring.

Don’t settle for a mediocre option as it will look awful when it dries. Go with the best wood filler to fill the gap between wall and floor.

3. Apply Wood Filler Into The Gap

When you have the right wood filler in hand, it’s time to begin working on the gap methodically.

You will take the wood filler, press it into the gap, and start evening it out. This will spread the wood filler from one end to the other.

You can use a sharp tool to move the wood filler around for a balanced finish. Take your time during this process to get the type of results you’re after.

If you rush, it will look bumpy and that takes away from the hardwood finish.

large gap between hardwood floor and wall

4. Wait For It To Dry

You have to wait for it to dry.

There is a waiting period once the gap has been filled. This is when the wood filler begins to settle in and hold its place.

Don’t touch the wood filler during this period and let it work into the gap properly. This is key for the finishing to be perfect.

5. Sand Down The Excess Filler

The last step is to sand down the excess filler.

There will be small parts along the edges that stand up. It is okay for this to happen and even a professional will have this happen.

The goal is to let the wood filler settle and then sand it down for a more uniform finish.

Why Is There A Gap Between My Wall And Floor?

The gap between a wall and the floor occurs when the property’s foundation is moisture-ridden, poorly compacted, and/or the soil has shrunk. It’s natural for this to happen and using fillers or caulk can help close the gap.

Should I Fill Gaps In Hardwood Floors?

Small gaps in the hardwood floor don’t need to be filled. This is normal and won’t impact the flooring’s structural integrity. On the other hand, large gaps should be filled with a quality wood filler because it can cause the flooring to shift.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow when filling a large gap between the hardwood floor and wall.

To fill a large gap between the hardwood floor and wall, use a quality wood filler. Apply the wood filler into the gap, let it settle, and then sand away the excess. This will create a nice, uniform finish that is aesthetically pleasing.

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