Why Is The Lava Lamp One Big Blob? (Fixed)

When it comes to taking care of a lava lamp and ensuring it is functioning as it is designed to, you have to be careful about the wax inside.

This is one of the biggest issues people deal with when it comes to maintaining a lava lamp and ensuring it continues to work as required.

With this in mind, you will sometimes notice a large chunk in the middle of the lava lamp. This is when the lava lamp has one big blob somewhere inside and doesn’t flow the way it is supposed to.

If the lava lamp has one big blog inside, this means the coil is not functioning as designed or is in the wrong position. To fix the issue, change the light bulb and re-test the coil to see if it works. You can also use a hairdryer to help break up the blob.

It’s common for this to happen because lava lamps are reliant on external conditions just as much as the coil inside.

If it is too cold outside, this is going to start to have an impact on how the lava lamp wax flows.

This guide will explain how to fix the problem if the lava lamp has one big blog in the middle that isn’t breaking apart.

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How To Fix Lava Lamp With One Big Blob

1. Increase Heat In The Room

You will want to start by working on the temperature in the room.

The first thing most people attempt to do is move the lava lamp around, change the light bulb, and/or find other ways to increase the heat around the fixture.

Yes, those are viable steps and will be mentioned in this guide, but you also need to account for the external conditions around the lava lamp.

If it is too cold, the blob is not going to break apart or it will form again later on.

To avoid this, you have to start by increasing the room’s temperature by a few degrees to help warm the lava lamp.

2. Change The Light Bulb

You are now going to focus on the light bulb.

For the most part, it is common for a lava lamp to form a big blob in the middle because the wax hardens.

This happens because the light bulb has died or is not as strong as it was. For this to go away, you will need to change the light bulb as soon as possible.

3. Check The Coil

After the light bulb has been changed in the lava lamp, you are going to have to focus on the coil that is running inside.

The coil is going to sometimes stop functioning and not produce as much heat as it is supposed to.

If you shake the lava lamp, the coil can also get displaced. This means the heat does not distribute evenly, which is just as bad as the coil not working at all.

This is why opening the lava lamp and re-positioning the coil is a good idea.

lava lamp one big blob

4. Use Hairdryer To Break The Blob

You will also want to start using direct heat if the blob is still there.

The goal is to take a hairdryer and point it straight at the blob in the middle of the lava lamp. This is going to provide directed heat, which is the best kind of heat with hardened lava lamp wax.

Be diligent while doing this and make sure to not press the hairdryer right against the glass. This could cause the glass to crack and it is unnecessary.

Simply hold it 4-5 inches away from the glass and point it to the blob.

This will help break it apart and you will notice changes in the wax within a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to focus on with a lava lamp that has one big blob in the middle.

If a lava lamp has one big blob in the middle, this is caused by a lack of heat in the fixture. To fix this issue, increase the heat in the room, change the light bulb, re-position the coil, and/or use targeted heat from a hairdryer to warm the lava lamp.

These solutions are a must and you can go through them one by one until the issue is resolved.

For most people, just changing the light bulb or increasing the room temperature is going to take care of the issue.

This is why the best thing you can do is go through these steps and find out which one works best for your situation moving forward.

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