Why Has Lava Lamp Wax Hardened? (Step-By-Step Solution!)

When using a lava lamp, it’s important to keep tabs on the wax.

It needs to flow and if the wax gets stuck, it will ruin the lava lamp. You have to find a solution to make sure the lava lamp wax doesn’t harden at any point.

If you are noticing that the lava lamp wax is hardened, it’s time to implement an immediate solution.

Lava lamp wax can harden when the room’s temperature decreases or the coil stops working. It’s essential to reset the lava lamp by increasing the temperature (i.e. use a hairdryer) and start moving it around in small, circular motions. This should help loosen the lava lamp wax.

It’s important to note when lava lamp wax hardens, it will harm the lava lamp as a whole. You need to make sure the hardened lava lamp wax doesn’t lead to unwanted damage.

This article will provide a step-by-step breakdown of what to do when the lava lamp wax has hardened inside.

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How To Fix Hardened Lava Lamp Wax

1. Increase The Room’s Temperature

If the lava lamp wax is stuck at the bottom, it is important to focus on the room temperature around the fixture.

In general, when the room temperature drops, this affects the wax. It will begin to harden and “stick” to one side of the lava lamp. This restricts movement and causes the lava lamp to stop working the way it is designed to.

So, what is the answer then?

You will want to try two things.

The first option is to take a hairdryer or heat source and begin to aim it at the stuck lava lamp wax. The goal is to use direct heat as a way to loosen the wax before it begins to flow again. Another option is to increase the room’s temperature and this will help loosen the wax.

Each situation has merits and it comes down to what you prefer to do. The hairdryer trick is faster and should loosen the wax in minutes.

lava lamp wax hardened

2. Change The Light Bulb

If the lava lamp stopped flowing, you will have to change the light bulb.

The best light bulb for a lava lamp is one that is going to be higher in wattage. This will increase the amount of power and heat that is running through the fixture at any given moment.

Perhaps, the previous light bulb was not doing the job based on external factors inside the room. This is why it’s important to change the light bulb to a higher wattage one to see if that works.

In a lot of cases, this can prove to be a solution that works well and yields good results.

3. Move The Lava Lamp Around

You will want to begin to move the lava lamp around in circular motions.

The goal here is to simply make sure the wax is moving around inside the lava lamp. When it hardens, the last thing you want is for it to stick to the top or bottom.

This is imperative when it comes to getting more out of the lighting fixture and ensuring it works well in all situations. It’s a common mistake people make when that is the last thing you should be doing.

Be patient and continue to swirl the lava lamp around as much as you can. Remember, the goal is not to be vigorous with your movements. Do it slowly and continue to do it for as long as you can.

lava lamp wax hardened

4. Let It Run For 10-12 Hours Straight

Once the lava lamp starts working, you will want to keep it on for at least 10-12 hours.

The goal is to ensure the lava lamp wax does get the time to flow in heat as that is the only way it won’t harden.

If you immediately turn off the lava lamp, the wax may harden again!

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if your lava lamp wax has hardened.

When the lava lamp wax hardens, the reason tends to do with a drop in temperature. This can cause the wax to stick to the top or bottom of the fixture. The best solution is to increase the heat around the lava lamp, change the light bulb, or move it around until the wax loosens.

Be patient during this process and try each solution to see which one works.

It should not take a long time to complete especially if you are using a good, stable heat source. Just continue to work away at the lava lamp to see good results.

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