Should You Be Leaving Dishwasher For Extended Time? (Answered)

A dishwasher is an appliance that is used regularly and it’s important to know what’s permitted and what’s not.

If you misuse or abuse a dishwasher, it might break down leading to costly repairs. This is not an appliance you want to misuse due to the expenses that come along with a broken-down one.

As a result, you will want to know more about leaving the dishwasher for an extended time.

It is not recommended to leave the dishwasher for an extended time. It will start to develop limescale, mold, and unwanted buildup that is difficult to remove. This can damage the rubber seals and inner components causing the dishwasher to stop working.

To avoid a situation such as this, you should be running the dishwasher every other week. This can be a gentle cycle that helps rinse the appliance from the inside.

For the most part, you have to think about maintenance with a dishwasher.

It is not going to last a long time if you continue to think about leaving the dishwasher for an extended time.

This is not good for the appliance and is going to create a situation where it breaks down on your or begins to leak everywhere. The repair costs that come along with such troubles are just not worth it!

This guide will explain more about why leaving the dishwasher for an extended time is not a good idea and what you should do instead.

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Reasons For Not Leaving Dishwasher For Extended Time

1. Buildup Of Limescale And Mold

Leaving the dishwasher unused for long periods is not smart.

You are going to end up in a situation where there is unwanted buildup inside the appliance and it will start spreading rapidly.

What does the buildup consist of?

It will include bacteria, mold, and/or limescale deposits.

This is not a pretty sight and it will start to fill up the dishwasher across all of its surfaces. In the beginning, you might assume it is not a big deal, but this can rapidly spread to the point of no return.

leaving dishwasher for extended time

2. Rubber Seals Get Damaged

You will also start to notice that the rubber seals begin to give out.

This happens because the rubber seals are not kept moist and they start to lose their shape.

The dishwasher needs to be running every week or two weeks for it to be in good shape. If you are not taking the time to do this, the rubber seals will begin tearing or losing their potency.

3. Increased Likelihood Of Leaking

If you notice water flooding out of the dishwasher after a long period, this happens because it lost its sealed protection.

If a dishwasher isn’t maintained and sits like this for long periods, it will begin to leak as soon as you turn it on for the first cycle.

The best course of action when this occurs is to immediately turn off the dishwasher and unplug it.

You will then want to find where the broken seal is and fix it.

This is why running the dishwasher regularly is key. You will remain on top of the maintenance and it won’t break down on you.

leaving dishwasher for extended time

4. Will Stop Working

This is one of the more unfortunate consequences of not running the dishwasher regularly.

You will end up with an appliance that simply doesn’t work any longer.

It won’t turn on or the cycle won’t begin with the water pouring in. This happens because one of the components has likely stopped working as it is designed to.

This might be due to limescale deposits and/or other issues that are making it difficult for the dishwasher to function properly.

If this happens, you will need to diagnose this issue and pinpoint what is going on. It could be the limescale, mold, or residue that is inside. It could also be a damaged seal or a sensor that is not working.

How Long Can A Dishwasher Be Left Unused?

A dishwasher can only be left unused for two or three weeks before it gives out. This can include having to face a long list of issues such as leaks, broken sensors, and/or limescale deposits inside.

Final Thoughts

Is it wise to start leaving the dishwasher for an extended time?

It is not smart leaving the dishwasher for an extended period. This can cause mold, bacteria, and/or limescale deposits inside the appliance along with damaged rubber seals and leaks. Run the dishwasher at least once every other week to keep it in good shape.

This is the only way to ensure you don’t have a dishwasher that is broken down and is only going to get worse the longer you leave it unused.

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