Why Is The LG Freezer Not Freezing Ice Cream? (Solved)

Everyone loves a nice bowl of ice cream.

However, it is not always going to work out if the freezer isn’t running properly. This can lead to a situation where the ice cream starts melting in the freezer and becomes a liquid mess!

So, how do you prevent this from happening? Why is the LG freezer not freezing ice cream?

The LG freezer can stop freezing ice cream because frost accumulates on the evaporator coils. This frost occurs when the freezer’s defrost system malfunctions. To fix this issue, clean the coils, check the motor’s blades to ensure they’re spinning, and turn the thermostat to the lowest setting to see if it clicks on.

Rotate through these solutions and figure out what’s going on with your freezer.

If the LG freezer is not freezing ice cream, this is likely due to the defrost system going haywire. It’s common for this to occur with older LG models that tend to age out as time goes on.

This guide will explain more about what to do if the LG freezer is not freezing ice cream or any other food that is put inside.

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How To LG Freezer Not Freezing Ice Cream

1. Clean The Frost Off Of Evaporator Coils

You will want to start by looking at the LG freezer’s evaporator coils.

The coils tend to get ruined when the defrost system is malfunctioning. This is due to the fan turning on and off on its own without paying attention to the internal temperature.

When this occurs, you are going to notice an immediate uptick in the amount of frost that is spread from one end to the other of the freezer.

This will also become apparent when the coils are damaged.

So, you will want to start with the coils and begin removing the frost that is present on them. This will be blocking the cooling and ruin how the freezer freezes the ice cream.

lg freezer not freezing ice cream

2. Check Motor’s Blade To See If They Spin

You will also want to check the motor’s blade.

There is a motor that runs to manage the freezer and keep it running. The motor is going to have blades that spin.

If they are impeded, this will ruin the airflow in the freezer and cause the motor to heat as well.

Check the fan’s blades, tighten them, and also ensure nothing is getting in their way. This can be more than enough reason for the cooling in the freezer to stop working as required.

3. Set Thermostat To The Lowest Setting

The next solution is to look at the thermostat.

You will have it in a specific setting. This setting might be okay for freezing ice cream, but it might have locked the freezer where its thermostat has stopped running.

To reset the thermostat, set it to the lowest possible temperature and wait for a clicking noise. This clicking noise indicates the thermostat has a connection with the fan and how it’s regulating temperature.

If there is no clicking as you change the temperature, the thermostat is likely gone for good.

It’s then time to change the LG freezer’s thermostat to get the appliance working again.

lg freezer not freezing ice cream

4. Reset The Thermostat and Wait For “Clicking” Noise

This solution is going to come down to understanding what’s going on with the thermostat.

You will not only want to reset the thermostat but also pay attention to its physical nature. This means is the thermostat damaged inside the LG freezer?

This can happen if the LG freezer was being moved around recently.

A common issue such as this will arise when you have just moved to a new location. When the thermostat gets knocked on, it will start displaying issues such as these.

Just reset the thermostat and see how things go for you with the LG freezer.

Final Thoughts

Why is the LG freezer not freezing ice cream?

The LG freezer is not freezing ice cream because the defrost system is malfunctioning. This causes the fan to turn on and off without a proper temperature reading. To fix the issue, clean the evaporator coils with frost on them, check to see if the motor’s blades are spinning freely, and reset the thermostat to the lowest setting.

These steps will ensure your LG freezer continues to work the way you want it to.

A lot of people don’t think about these details and that is what holds them back as time goes on.

Go through each step, inspect the various components, and make sure the evaporator coils are free of frost or debris. This is a must for the air to flow.

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