Why Are Light Bulbs Burning Out At The Same Time? (Fixed)

When light bulbs start malfunctioning, you are going to attempt a simple fix. This includes replacing the light bulb with a new one.

Yes, this might work if that specific light bulb has blown out, but what happens when it is all of them together?

You will want to know why all of the light bulbs are burning out at the same time.

If the light bulbs are burning out at the same time, this means the electrical circuit is overcharged. This happens when the overall voltage across the house is too high. To fix this issue, inspect the main breaker panel. Toggle it back and forth to see if it helps. If not, you will need to consult with the power company to get a technician to reduce the voltage.

For the most part, this is a job best left for professionals.

You can attempt simpler fixes such as testing the voltage on the circuit, toggling the breakers, and/or switching light bulbs. However, most of the work will need to be done at the base level by a technician.

You can also get a certified electrician to come in and inspect the electrical circuit for a deeper assessment of what’s going on.

This guide will explain what is causing the light bulbs to burn out at the same time and what to do about it.

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Tips For Fixing Light Bulbs Burning Out At The Same Time

1. Reset The Circuit By Turning Off Breaker Panel

When light bulbs are burning out all over the house, you need to take a deeper look at the electrical circuit.

This goes beyond changing the light bulb.

For the most part, you will already know there is something wrong with the amount of power going through to the light bulbs. This means the electrical circuit has to be reset.

While this might not fix the issue, it is a good starting point that you can implement as a property owner.

The goal here is to go to the main breaker panel, toggle each breaker on and off, and then test the circuit.

You might need a voltage reader to see how much power is going to each part of the circuit. This will let you know whether or not resetting the breaker panel helped.

light bulbs burning out at same time

2. Test The Voltage At The Fixture

To test the voltage, you want to go to the light fixture.

Remove the light fixture and then test the amount of power going through to it. You are going to need a specialized voltage reader for the task.

The goal here is to just see what the reading is and then make adjustments from there. With multiple light bulbs blowing out in the house, you need to get a baseline for the amount of power in the circuit.

Do this in multiple rooms and note these readings down.

You will need those numbers when a professional comes from the power company.

3. Call The Power Company

This is often the most recommended step.

Sometimes, the main issue is something you don’t have control over. This includes the amount of power being sent to the house by the power company.

If there is an issue in this regard, it will cause the light bulbs to blow out around the house.

If multiple light bulbs keep burning out, you will need the power company to send a technician that can reduce the voltage. This will provide an immediate change to how much power comes through.

light bulbs burning out at same time

4. Consult With An Electrician To Double Check Circuit

When the technician is gone, you are still not out of the woods.

The power company will likely have its technician work on the foundational part of the electrical setup. They are not going to take a look at the electrical circuit and its health in your home.

As a result, you might still have issues due to the damage that was done by the added voltage.

Get an electrician to take a look at the voltage in your house and see if each part of the electrical circuit is in good standing.

This is a must.

Final Thoughts

This advice will go a long way when it comes to repairing light bulbs burning out at the same time.

If the light bulbs are burning out at the same time, this means the circuit is overcharged due to excessive voltage coming through. To fix the issue, toggle the breaker on and off to reset the panel. If this does not work, call the power company to reduce the voltage from their end.

This will take care of the issue and ensure your light bulbs don’t keep blowing out every day.

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