Why Does The Light Switch Turn On By Itself? (Solved)

If a light is turned on by itself at night, you are going to assume something is wrong or perhaps there’s a ghost in the house?!

While your mind might wander to the supernatural, the reason is far simpler. If you are asking, why does the light switch turn on by itself, it’s time to break down what the root cause is.

If a light switch is turned on by itself, this means the spring is loose or damaged. To fix the issue, shut off the power supply, remove the light switch, and replace the internal spring. It’s also recommended to swap out the light bulb when this happens to refresh the entire setup.

Don’t panic when this happens.

In rare cases, it’s also possible for moisture to get trapped behind the light switch. This can cause the switch to keep turning on even when it’s off.

The best idea here is to replace the light switch. This will take care of the problem, especially if the moisture is not a constant issue.

This guide will take a deeper look at what you should do if a light switch is turned on by itself at home.

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How To Fix A Light Switch Turned On By Itself

1. Shut Off The Power

If the LED lights are turning on by themselves, you are going to want to figure out what is going on immediately.

Don’t assume the circuit will fix itself.

In general, the main issue is going to be the internal spring and the only way to fix it is by replacing the part itself.

If you are in this situation, the first thing to do is to shut off the main power source. This will ensure power is not running to the switch when you are repairing or replacing it.

Don’t take a chance and attempt to do it with the power running to the switch!

light switch turned on by itself

2. Remove The Light Switch

Now you are going to remove the light switch.

It should unscrew and come off easily once you begin working on it.

Take apart the switch and look at what is going on behind it. This will let you know more about the main issue and what the best solution is moving forward.

Until you do this, you won’t know whether it is a loose spring or moisture.

In most cases, it is going to be a loose spring in the light switch that is causing it to keep turning on. It is the spring that is responsible for holding the switch in that place. If it does not work, you get this type of problem.

3. Check the Spring

After you have spotted the spring, it’s time to inspect in greater detail.

You are going to want to see how the spring is lodged and whether or not it is loose. If it is loose, you are going to notice the switch will continue to dangle when you press it up or down.

This is a sign the switch is not going to work until the spring is replaced.

It is best to replace the spring on the spot and then look at testing the switch again. You can also switch the front plate if necessary.

light switch turned on by itself

4. Replace The Light Switch If Spring Is Damaged

When it is time to replace the light switch, go through each step and make sure all of the connections are in place.

You cannot change the spring without checking the wiring.

It has to be intact at all times.

Replace the spring and make sure it is an exact fit. It should be easy to take out.

5. Change the Light Bulb

You are now going to complete the repair by changing the light bulb.

The reason for doing this is to make sure the entire circuit has been refreshed. A lot of the time, it is common for the light bulb to lose power and that can lead to major issues in performance later on.

Take care of this problem right now to reset the light switch and light bulb.

Final Thoughts

My light switch turned on by itself!

If a light switch is turned on by itself, the most common reason is a loose spring causing the switch to click back on. To fix the issue, shut off the main power source, remove the light switch, and replace the internal spring. It’s also best to replace the light bulb at the same time.

This will take care of the entire circuit between the light switch and the light bulb.

It is a simple fix and should not take more than a few minutes once you have the replacement spring in hand.

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