18 Elegant Living Room Corner Decor Ideas For You

The living room is often going to be the center of attention when it’s time to decorate the space and elevate its aesthetic.

A lot of people don’t know where to begin and are going to make mistakes along the way.

This is why it’s essential to find ways to elevate the aesthetic of the space as best as you can.

Look into this when it’s time to liven up the corner of the living room.

Here are the best living room corner decor ideas.

Standing Mirror

A great way to elevate a space and brighten it is to use a standing mirror.

This is a simple addition that’s going to look sleek and is going to make sure there is more light spreading throughout the living room from the corner.

A lot of corners end up becoming dark, but this is one option that will work.


A planter is a nice way to add a bit of greenery to the space.

Don’t want to maintain a real plant?

Go with a faux plant in the living room corner and watch as it changes the overall aesthetic of the space instantly. You are going to see good results by doing this.

Floor Lamp

A floor lamp is a neat idea.

It’s going to suit that part of the living room and it’s going to brighten the living room too. This is essential for those who tend to deal with a darker living room.

Add the floor lamp and make sure it flows with the rest of the setup.

Side Table

A side table is a good option for those who are looking for more decor space to set up their decorations.

This is one option that’s going to work well and it’s going to flow when it comes to the beauty of the side table.

Look into this and make sure the side table is going to work well for your space.

Wall Art

Wall art is a proven option.

You can decorate this part of the living room with a nice wall art piece. You can go with a wide array of designs depending on the rest of the living room.

Some will go with a more abstract design to get the desired look they are going for.

Book Tower

If you have books to put on display, a nice book tower is going to be smart for the living room corner.

It’s sleek, easy on the eyes, and it’s going to act as a storage spot for your books.

Plus, it is a great way to add character to a living room without taking up too much space!

Reading Nook

A reading nook is another option for those who love to read.

The premise here is to set up an area in the corner of the living room with a chair making it easy to sit down and read.

Depending on the layout of the space, this is one of the better methods available to those who want to have a reading nook.

Floating Shelves

The living room corner can also have what is known as a floating corner shelf.

This is going to be designed to be installed in the corner.

It looks unique and it’s going to make the most of that part of the living room. You are going to see ample value with that space.

Storage Basket

Storage baskets are proven to offer good value.

You are going to like them because it’s not just about the aesthetic of the basket as soon as it is in place. You are also going to be looking at a basket that’s going to be used for storing accessories in the living room.

This can be anything including blankets.

Gallery Wall Set

A gallery wall set is a nice option for those who want to show their personality in the living room without making it the center of attention.

You are going to have the wall set in a place where it’s going to be in the corner.

This type of wall set looks nice and it’s appealing because it is going to allow you to display visuals to the space too.

Standing Candle Holder

This is going to be a potential option for those who want to add a scent to the space and/or use this type of light source for the living room.

It is a neat touch compared to other options including a floor lamp.

Putting a standing candle holder is going to be vibrant and fascinating to look at.


This is one of the more traditional options for those who are looking at living room corner ideas.

This is one of those ideas where you are going to take a vase and then put something in it that’s going to decorate the space.

This can include sticks and/or other decorative items for vases.

End Table

End tables tend to work well for those who are looking to add a larger surface when it comes to the living room.

On this surface, you are going to make sure to add a few decor pieces too.

This is appealing when it comes to getting the type of aesthetic you want in the living room.

Accent Chair

Want more seating?

Go with an accent chair because it’s going to balance the rest of the living room and it is not going to look out of place.

Take advantage of this and know the accent chair is going to look great from all angles.

Console Table

A console table is always a unique addition because it’s going to offer a new spot for you to put your decorative items.

You can then match these items with the theme of the living room.

It’s not going to take over the living room and it will look neat too.

Cube Organizer

Need more storage space in the living room?

Cube organizers work well because they are not going to take up too much space but they are also going to be visually appealing.

Look to set up these cube organizers in the corner and then add items to them.

Woven Basket

Just like a traditional basket in the living room, a woven basket is going to have a unique design.

You can get one that has been handcrafted.

It’s going to resonate with the theme of the living room and it’s going to add warmth to the space instantly.

Bar Cart

Bar carts are trendy and look great too.

You are going to want to take a look at finishing the room’s design with the help of a beautiful bar cart.

It’s going to be appealing from all angles and it’s going to look neat.

Ladder Rack

A ladder rack is a great option.

Ladder racks work because you are going to be looking at something that’s going to be used as a storage spot while being decorative.

The uniqueness of a ladder rack tends to be appealing too.