14 Affordable Living Room Essentials For First Apartment

Your first apartment has to be handled with care.

This includes ensuring you are considering all angles when it comes to the living room and how it’s being set up.

There are some basics that need to be kept in mind to ensure your living room looks amazing and is going to have that beautiful first impression you’re going for when someone walks in.

With this in mind, here are the most important living room essentials for a first apartment.

Decorative Tray

This is one of those home decor details people are not going to consider until they sit down and look at the coffee table in front of them.

It’s recommended to get a beautiful decorative tray that’s going to be the centerpiece on the coffee table or on a console table in the living room.

We love this look and it can be tailored to suit your needs. This is what makes it such an empowering home decor option moving forward.


Thinking about optimizing the amount of space you have in the new apartment?

We would be taking a look at setting up a sectional in the living room. While this is not mandatory, it’s a great option because you can get more value for your space due to the number of seats in a sectional.

This is going to eliminate some of the hassles that come along with a sectional and how it’s going to look once everything is set up.

Wall Art

Beautiful wall art is a must for those who want to make sure they are getting an aesthetically pleasing solution that’s going to look impressive as soon as it is set up.

We love this type of wall art because it’s gorgeous and it’s going to help decorate the living room wall.

The size is going to depend on the living room.

We would look to go with something that’s appealing to you and is going to suit the living room.

Round Mirror

One of the most underrated tricks for brightening a living room in an apartment is to use a mirror.

The type of mirror you go with is going to depend on your requirements.

We would take the time to go with a beautiful round mirror in the apartment’s living room. This type of mirror is going to look impressive and it’s going to offer the type of aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eye.

Table Runner

A good table runner is a nice option to have up your sleeve.

This is one of those underrated details you are not going to think about but it’s going to help set the tone for the room.

There is a certain charm associated with this type of feature. It’s going to be aesthetically pleasing and it’s going to help build the theme you are going for in the living room.

Floor Lamp

How are you going to illuminate the space?

Sometimes, a simple light fixture is not going to get the job done. Most apartments are not going to have strong lighting in the living room or it’s not going to look as neat as you want it to.

We would take the time to go with a beautiful floor lamp.

The floor lamp should fit the theme of the living room to make it a beautiful addition.

Dining Table Chairs

This is a good option for rooms where you can see the dining table from where you are seated.

This is not always going to apply to all apartments but it’s something we are going to include on the list.

The chairs are a neat touch that should flow with the living room. This is how you are going to create that overlying theme that matters for a first apartment.

Woven Basket

Woven baskets are impressive.

We adore woven baskets because they are beautiful, warm, and welcoming. This makes them ideal for modern apartments.

You can use these baskets for anything you want including blankets. Some people will play around with differnet types of throw blankets and put the unused ones in the woven baskets.

Coffee Table

This is one of those additions you are going to want to get right.

It’s the centerpiece in the room.

When a person sits down in the living room, they are going to see the coffee table in front of them. This means it’s going to set the tone in the living room.

The goal should be to make sure you are going with a beautiful coffee table that’s going to take your breath away.

Accent Chair

This is one of those touches that’s going to show a bit of personality.

We like accent chairs.

These chairs are easy on the eyes and add a burst of color or character to the apartment’s living room. We know each person has a different take on this, but a beautiful accent chair is going to modernize the space instantly.

Side Table

A good side table is essential.

This is where you are going to put items while you are sitting down and it’s also a good spot for your table lamp.

Most living rooms are going to have at least one side table.

We would recommend matching it with the coffee table to create an overarching theme for the room.

Throw Blanket

This is a neat option for those who want to spice up the living room and get it to look a certain way.

We would test things out with one throw blanket to see how it looks.

Once you get the hang of creating a theme with the help of a throw blanket and/or throw pillows, you can then adding more to your collection.

Area Rug

The flooring is going to matter.

You want to help create three levels in a living room. This means when a person walks in, they should notice the main level (i.e. sofa, table), the upper level (walls, lights) and then the lower level (floor, rug).

If you get it right, this is going to complete the look and it’s going to be in line with what you want for the apartment’s living room.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are wonderful.

We feel these tend to complete the look better than most things and are going to blow you away.

You are going to fall in love with these pillows and how they turn out. They are gorgeous and easy on the eyes.