How To Fix Lukewarm Water Coming From Cold Tap! (Step-By-Step)

The average property owner will not think twice when turning on the water in their sink.

Unfortunately, there are times when the temperature is off and it can become frustrating. This can include a common issue such as lukewarm water coming from a cold tap.

If lukewarm water is coming from a cold tap, the most common reasons include the intermingling of pipes, a damaged cartridge, a loose valve, or improperly installed heat traps. To fix this issue, turn off the water valve, replace the cartridge, tighten the valve, and see if that helps. In most cases, replacing the cartridge will take care of the issue.

It’s always recommended to tighten the bolts near the faucet. This can go a long way in preventing issues such as these, especially with intertwined pipes.

For those dealing with warm water coming from the cold tap, this article will go into detail on how to fix lukewarm water coming from a cold tap.

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Steps On How To Fix Lukewarm Water Coming From Cold Tap

1. Turn Off Water To That Sink

When learning how to get colder tap water, you will have to see what’s going on within the pipes immediately.

To do this type of check, please turn off the water valve beforehand. You don’t want splashing or spraying water all over the place!

In most cases, you can turn off the water to that part of the house. If not, it’s okay to turn off the water supply to the entire property until you rectify the issue.

It’s important to let the water drain by leaving the tap on. This will ensure any leftover water in the pipes drains quickly.

2. Check The Warmth of the Pipe

If you have no cold water in the apartment or house, you will have to complete a basic test as soon as you turn off the valve.

What you are going to do is place your hand against the pipe underneath the sink. This is where the hot/cold water is flowing through.

Is the pipe going into the cold tap warm? How warm is it?

The warmer it is, the greater the issue is. You are going to have to find a way to determine where the issue is. In most situations, it will be right near the sink and won’t go deeper into the plumbing.

If it does go deeper then the issue might be with how the pipes are installed. This will require major work with the help of a certified plumber.

3. Replace the Cartridge

Now it’s time to check the cartridge.

Each modern faucet has a cartridge and this is where the water is diverted. Unfortunately, when the faucet cartridge gets damaged, one of the main issues people note is the diversion of hot water to the cold tap or vice versa.

It’s in your best interest to inspect the faucet cartridge to see how it is.

You can do this by unscrewing the faucet and taking it out. This will reveal the cartridge inside. Replace this cartridge based on your brand.

4. Tighten the Valve Properly

If hot water is coming from a cold tap, it’s time to tighten the valve too.

Sometimes, an aging tap will start to have leaky valves. These loosen over time and that’s normal. This is why maintenance work is a must on your part during the year.

Take a wrench and tighten the valve to make sure it’s sealed properly.

lukewarm water from cold tap

5. Test the Cold Tap

You will now want to turn on the water to this part of the property.

Take a look at whether or not the cold tap is working the way it is supposed to. If you have replaced the cartridge and tightened the bolts, it should be working properly now.

If it is still not working, it’s best to go deeper into the plumbing. This includes starting near the water heater to see where the water is going once it leaves this part of the property.

This is key as you learn how to fix hot water coming out of a cold tap.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if you are getting lukewarm water from the cold tap.

If you are seeing lukewarm water from the cold tap, it is likely due to a damaged cartridge, malfunctioning heat trap, or a loose valve. To fix this issue, replace the cartridge and tighten the valve. This should help fix the issue.

Please note, if you are seeing warm water from a cold tap in the summer, this might have to do with environmental conditions. The goal should be to protect the pipes and ensure the temperature inside the property is better regulated.

A kitchen sink with lukewarm water is not appealing and the steps listed here will go a long way in fixing things up.

This is the case even if hot water is coming out of a cold tap for a few seconds.

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