Magic Eraser Ruined Finish! (Fixed)

It’s normal to want to use Magic Eraser on a wide array of surfaces and it tends to be an exceptional solution for the most part.

However, there are situations where you might not be impressed with the results and that is when it becomes important to figure out what the best option is moving forward.

This is key if a Magic Eraser ruined the finish.

If Magic Eraser ruined the finish, apply denatured alcohol to a cleaning cloth and begin wiping the surface. Let the mixture dry and then wipe with a wet cloth. To complete the process, use paint or wood stain to touch up the ruined finish.

Each surface is going to be unique.

If it is stainless steel that was ruined, you are going to use different touch-up paint in comparison to a wooden surface getting ruined.

Look at what you are dealing with and then find what works best for the touch-up process. This is the only way to get the results you are after the Magic Eraser doesn’t work out.

This guide will provide a step-by-step breakdown of what to do if a Magic Eraser ruined the finish.

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What To Do If Magic Eraser Ruined Finish?

1. Wipe Surface With A Dry Cloth

If you are feeling like the Magic Eraser ruined your finish, it’s time to begin working on prepping the surface.

There are a few options available to you.

The best approach is to take a clean, dry cloth and begin wiping the surface. You will want to cover the entire surface to make sure residue and debris have been removed beforehand.

If you don’t do this, the debris and/or residue will only get in the way of cleaning the finish.

Magic Eraser tends to have a substantial impact on a surface, which means prepping it is a must. You have to be diligent and make sure to wipe everything until the surface is ready for a more powerful solution.

magic eraser ruined finish

2. Apply Denatured Alcohol To The Surface

Since the goal is to reset the surface and clean it, you will want to focus on what works well against Magic Eraser.

In general, you are going to need an industry-grade cleaning agent, which is why denatured alcohol works like a charm.

Just a few drops will be more than enough to make a difference.

What you are going to do is take the denatured alcohol, spread it on the top surface, and begin targeting the areas that have been ruined.

3. Wipe The Surface in Circular Motion

When the denatured alcohol is on the surface, you are going to start wiping with a clean cloth.

While wiping, you have to make sure to not make contact with the denatured alcohol. This is why it’s highly recommended to make sure you are wearing a mask and gloves during the process.

This is essential to stay safe and make sure you can focus on the task at hand.

Once you are wiping, continue to go in circular motions and be as careful as you can be during the process.

magic eraser ruined finish

4. Let The Surface Air-Dry And Wipe With A Wet Cloth

After you are satisfied with the wiping process, it’s time to let the surface sit for a bit.

This means letting it air-dry and waiting for the denatured alcohol to settle in. This is going to take a few hours and it is best to do something else during the waiting period.

You will also want to take the time to prepare a wet cloth that is soaked in warm water.

With this cloth, you are going to wipe the surface down to get rid of any remaining residue that is on the surface.

This will help prep the surface for a touch-up job.

5. Touch-Up Using Paint Or Stain

The last step is to rework the ruined finish.

Since Magic Eraser ruined the finish, you are going to have to fix the problem in front of you. This is going to include using touch-up paint or a wood stain depending on the type of surface you are working on.

Be careful while applying the touch-up solution and focus on the aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

These steps are key when learning more about what to do if a Magic Eraser ruined the finish.

If a Magic Eraser ruined the finish, your best option is to use denatured alcohol. Apply the denatured alcohol on the surface, wipe it in a circular motion, let the surface air-dry, and then use touch-up paint or wood stain to refinish the surface.

This will ensure the surface looks brand-new again as if the Magic Eraser was never used.

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