Magic Eraser Ruined My Walls! (Fixed)

Using Magic Eraser on your walls is normal.

A lot of people do this and tend to see great results. Unfortunately, there are rare occasions when things don’t work out as intended and that is when you need to have a backup plan in mind.

If you are saying “Magic Eraser ruined my walls!” then it’s time to find out what works to resolve the issue.

If Magic Eraser ruined your walls, start by wiping the surface using a dry cloth. Apply denatured alcohol on the wall, wipe with a clean cloth, and then let it air-dry. Once done, apply touch-up paint to remove the marks.

It’s rare for Magic Eraser to ruin walls, but it can happen depending on how the solution responds to the existing wall paint.

If you are in this type of situation, it’s best to go through the steps that are listed here. You will get rid of the streaks or marks that are present on the wall due to the Magic Eraser.

This guide will take a detailed look at what to do if the Magic Eraser ruined your walls at home.

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What To Do If Magic Eraser Ruined The Walls?

1. Clean Surface Using Cloth

When looking to remove Magic Eraser residue, you will need to focus on cleaning the surface first.

Most people will attempt to use touch-up paint to cover up the marks or streaks but that is not the right approach to take.

You will want to stay patient and make sure you are cleaning the surface using a cloth. This is the best way to see the type of results that are going to get the job done.

You will want to use a clean cloth and begin wiping the surface from top to bottom.

magic eraser ruined my walls

2. Use Denatured Alcohol To Clean The Marks

When you have wiped the surface, it’s time to move on to using the cleaning agent that will remove those pesky marks.

The goal is to use high-grade denatured alcohol.

You will want to put on gloves when handling denatured alcohol as it is potent and should not be touching your skin.

Apply it to all of the streaks and marks.

This will help get rid of them as soon as you begin wiping the denatured alcohol in.

3. Let Surface Air-Dry For A Few Hours

After the wiping is done, you will want to let the denatured alcohol settle.

For the most part, the streaks and marks will have faded. This makes it a lot easier to move on to the next step.

Air-drying should not take long and you will only need a few hours for the alcohol to settle.

Until then, you are going to want to start preparing for the final step in the process. This is going to include using the right type of wall paint to touch up the marks or streaks that are present due to the Magic Eraser.

magic eraser ruined my walls

4. Apply Touch-Up Paint

The final step is to apply touch-up paint.

You will want to make sure to use the right type of paint and get the color right. This is the only way to ensure it doesn’t look out of place or you can’t see the difference between the old paint and the touch-up paint.

To avoid this, look to go with an exact match.

This will ensure the surface looks the way you want it to.

For the most part, once you are done with the touch-up work, it’s time to let the wall sit for a few hours as the paint dries.

Will Magic Eraser Damage Paint On Walls?

Magic Eraser does not damage the paint on the walls. In some cases, it might start streaking and/or leaving residue that ruins the finish. It’s recommended to follow the directions when using the Magic Eraser and be careful when using it on painted walls.

Final Thoughts

The Magic Eraser ruined my walls!

If the Magic Eraser has ruined your walls, it’s best to start by wiping the surface using a dry cloth. Now, use denatured alcohol and apply it to the wall where the streaks or marks are. Wipe the alcohol to get rid of the marks, let it air-dry, and then apply touch-up paint to the wall.

This is the best way to make sure you are on top of things throughout the process and the Magic Eraser doesn’t ruin the walls for good.

A few adjustments with your cleaning process and denatured alcohol will ensure the walls look good again.

Remember, when you are using denatured alcohol, it is important to think about your safety too. This includes wearing gloves and being diligent about your safety as a whole.

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