Why Is The Microwave Turntable Not Turning And Not Heating? (Fixed)

Using a microwave is an integral part of most people’s routine.

You will want to warm your food and/or beverages throughout the day. However, this might not be possible if the turntable in the microwave is not turning.

You will want to immediately figure out why the microwave turntable is not turning and not heating.

If the microwave turntable is not turning and not heating, the most common issue has to do with the switch connected to the door. If it’s faulty or damaged, the microwave won’t know when to start heating. To fix the issue, remove the back cover, access the switch near the bottom, and tighten or replace it.

This is the only way to fix a microwave turntable that is not turning.

For the most part, this switch is integral to the safety of the unit. It will only start when the switch activates, which ensures the door is closed.

If you notice the microwave turntable not turning and not heating, it’s best to start with the switch and see what’s the problem.

This article will explain more about what to do if the microwave turntable is not turning and not heating.

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Steps To Fix Microwave Turntable That’s Not Turning And Not Heating

1. Unplug & Remove The Back Cover

When the microwave turntable is not turning, you will want to immediately look at the activating switch in the appliance.

What does this switch do?

The switch is designed to help activate the turntable and heating mechanism as soon as the door closes. This is a safety feature and it also ensures the seal is in place before the microwave works.

When this breaks down, you have a situation where the microwave turntable won’t spin.

In a situation such as this, you are going to unplug the microwave and then remove the back cover.

This will ensure the switch is accessible for you to begin working on repairing it.

microwave turntable not turning and not heating

2. Find Switch Near The Bottom Connecting To Door

The switch is going to be located near the bottom of the appliance and it’s going to be linked to the door.

There will be two of these switches.

One will be near the top and one will be near the bottom. You will want to focus on the bottom switch for this task.

This is the switch that is responsible for a microwave turntable spinning.

When you find the switch, you are going to want to inspect it for damage. If it is frayed then you will need to replace it.

If it is loose, you will need to tighten it by pushing the switch in.

3. Tighten Or Replace This Switch

It’s important to think about the switch and how it is going to be set up.

This includes tightening the switch.

The goal here is to see what can be done to push the switch properly. You will want to see whether or not it is loose. If it is loose, just putting the switch back into place will get the job done.

If it is damaged, you will need to find an alternative switch that is compatible with the unit. This can likely be found through the manufacturer.

microwave turntable not turning and not heating

4. Re-Test The Microwave

The final step is going to be to re-test the microwave.

Before doing this, you have to make sure to put everything back into place. This includes the back cover as the seal is not going to be complete if this is not done.

Do not attempt to start the microwave with the back cover off. This is dangerous and not recommended.

Once the back cover has been screwed back into place, you can then begin to re-test the appliance.

Look to run it and see if the turntable spins.

If it does, you are good to go. If it does not, continue to look at the switch to see what is wrong.

Final Thoughts

It is these steps that will help when a microwave turntable is not turning and not heating.

If the microwave turntable is not turning and not heating, the root cause is likely the activating switch. To fix the issue, start by removing the back cover, finding the switch near the bottom close to the door, tightening or replacing it, and then re-testing the appliance.

It is this switch that tends to break down and create all of the issues you are hoping to work through.

Be diligent when it comes to this process and make sure you are approaching things the right way.

It’s a must to get the type of results that will be worth it over the long term.

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