Does A Mirror Facing The Bed Welcome Ghosts? (Solved)

Setting up a mirror in the bedroom is one of the more common decisions a person makes when it comes to getting the bedroom decor right.

Unfortunately, there are specific details to think about when it comes to the impact of having a mirror in the bedroom. This includes where the mirror is set up in the bedroom.

The wrong spot will lead to spiritual and energy-based issues that you might not want to deal with.

This includes having a mirror facing the bed and welcoming ghosts as a result.

It is not recommended to have a mirror facing the bed as it can welcome spirits and/or negative energy into the bedroom. Instead, it’s best to have it facing away from the bed and towards a side wall.

It is important to think about this if you want to ensure the feng shui is right and the energy levels remain positive in your house.

This guide will explain more about how to place a mirror in the bedroom and why a mirror facing the bed can welcome ghosts or spirits.

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Reasons To Not Have Mirror Facing Bed Due To Ghosts

1. Welcomes Negative Energy

A mirror in front of the bed is not ideal.

Based on Feng Shui principles, a mirror in front of the bed welcomes spirits and negative energy. This is not good for the household and it is not good for you too.

This is why it’s best to keep it away from your line of sight when you wake up in the morning.

Instead, you want to have the mirror set up on one of the side walls as this will ensure you still have a mirror in the room but it is out of the way.

If you end up putting the mirror in front of the bed, you are going to be welcoming ghosts and/or negative energy into the room.

2. Should Not Be The First Sight When Waking Up

This is one of the rules you need to account for.

When a mirror is facing the bed, you are going to be welcoming ghosts and/or spirits that should not be in the room.

This is worse when you have it facing the bed.

The energy from the mirror is then directed towards the bed, which is going to include you lying there. You will want to make sure the bedroom does not have this type of energy in it and that includes not having the mirror face the bed.

Make sure the mirror is off to the side, so you still have a mirror but it is not in the way.

3. Restricts Energy

When it comes to positive energy, it is going to get released due to the mirror.

This is why the concept of spirits and/or ghosts tends to come into the equation. When the positive energy is leaving the room, it needs to be filled with something else and that is when negative energy comes to the forefront.

You will want to restrict positive energy from leaving the bedroom and this includes not having a mirror that is facing the bed.

If the mirror stays in front of a bed, it is going to continue to suck the energy out of the room.

mirror facing bed ghost

4. Better To Have Mirror Facing A Wall

Let’s assume you want to have a mirror in the bedroom.

Where are you going to put it?

The options are going to vary, but it is highly recommended to have the mirror facing one of the walls in your room.

This means it is going to be off to the side and you won’t have to worry about it releasing positive energy or you having to deal with ghosts.

This alone is a major positive and it is one of the reasons to have the mirror off to the side.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons to not have a mirror facing the bed due to ghosts.

A mirror should not be facing the bed due to ghosts and the release of negative energy. To fix the issue, always have the mirror installed off to the side.

This is the best way to make sure you still have a mirror in the room but it is not releasing negative energy or becoming a major thorn in your side when it comes to your happiness.

This is a rule of thumb that has to be accounted for in your bedroom.

Just by making a simple change such as this one, you will maintain positive energy in the room and keep the spirits away.

Think about this when you are decorating a bedroom and placing the mirror on the wall.

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