Can You Have Mirror Facing Bedroom Door? (Solved)

When figuring out where to put a mirror in the bedroom, it’s essential to understand what works and what does not.

There are multiple variables at play when making this decision and it’s not always straightforward. You will have to account for these variables and how important they are to the layout of your bedroom.

To get started, you will have to consider whether it’s good to have a mirror facing the bedroom door.

You should not have a mirror facing the bedroom door. The light reflecting off the mirror can be distracting when entering the room. It is also noted as a “fire” element in Feng Shui, which means it can welcome bad energy into the space. A well-placed mirror in the bedroom should be off to the side.

This is why it’s important to know what’s important to you when choosing a mirror to set up in the bedroom.

Here is a deeper look at why having a mirror facing the bedroom door is not a good idea.

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Reasons To Not Have Mirror Facing Bedroom Door

1. Distracting When Entering

A mirror in front of the bedroom door is distracting.

This is a basic flaw that makes it a poor spot to put the mirror in. When you walk through the bedroom door, the first thing you see should not be a reflection of yourself and everything behind you.

It can take away from the bedroom decor and also make the bedroom look smaller.

The sole focus should be on the bedroom features including the flooring, bed, and everything else that is in the room.

Yes, this can include the mirror but only when it is off to the side and not the first thing a person sees as soon as they walk in.

mirror facing bedroom door

2. Welcomes Bad Energy

It’s important to know the correlation between mirrors in bedrooms and spirits.

It’s commonly associated with bad energy and that is why mirrors are limited in bedrooms. The goal is to reduce the number of mirrors in the bedroom and make sure you are not welcoming bad energy due to the reflecting light.

In the past, mirrors were not a common feature at all.

In modern times, more and more people are adding mirrors to their bedrooms and that welcomes bad energy.

The reason is it does not give bad energy an outlet to leave the bedroom. Instead, the bad energy continues to reflect and worsen with time as it builds up.

3. Considered a “Fire” Element in Feng Shui

When it comes to a mirror facing the bedroom door in Feng Shui, the item itself is associated with fire.

This means it can be amplified into creating negative energy.

If it is the first thing a person sees in the bedroom, this can make it taxing on a person’s energy levels. This is why anyone serious about the placement of their bedroom fixtures concerning Feng Shui will not have them in front of the bedroom door.

This is not an ideal spot for it at all.

A mirror facing the door is bad luck and it also welcomes bad energy in Feng Shui. You are better off having it somewhere to the side.

Where Should A Mirror Be Placed In A Bedroom?

A mirror should be placed on one of the sidewalls away from the bedroom door. This ensures the light does not reflect directly at the door when a person walks in. According to Feng Shui and Vastu, it’s best to have it along the East or West walls of the bedroom.

Please note, that you should always account for the layout of the bedroom.

This should help decide where the bedroom mirror goes. You should have it in a way where it looks well-placed and out of the way.

mirror facing bedroom door

Is It Good To Have Mirror In Bedroom?

It is good to have a mirror in the bedroom as it can make the room appear visually spacious. It is a great way to help reflect light throughout the room and also acts as an aesthetically pleasing fixture. However, the placement of the mirror is important and it should not be in front of the bedroom door.

Final Thoughts

Is it ideal to have a mirror facing the bedroom door?

It is not ideal having a mirror facing the bedroom door. This reflects light directly at the entrance causing it to become a constant distraction. This takes away from the bedroom decor and makes the mirror a focal point. It is also not a recommended spot in Feng Shui.

If you wish to set up a mirror in the bedroom, have it off to the side on one of the East or West walls.

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