23 Modern Bohemian Living Rooms For Your Home

Bohemian living rooms have become quite popular among the masses.

They are easy on the eyes, warm, and offer the type of quality that’s going to draw you in. It’s also a wonderful option for those who want to create a positive aesthetic change in their living room.

If you are looking to go down this path, it’s time to look at the best bohemian living room decor ideas and how good they are for your needs.

Brown Leather

Brown leather is a winner here.

This is a sleek, aesthetically welcoming idea that’s perfect for the bohemian trend you’re going for.

The leather is going to display a sense of sophistication that’s alluring and is going to make you want to stay in the living room for hours. There is a sense of calmness to this decor and it exudes the type of quality you are going for in the home.

Make use of this idea and ensure you get that bohemian touch you are hoping for.

Wood And Marble Decor

When looking at different accents and/or materials in a bohemian living room, it’s essential to start with the basics including wood and marble.

These are materials that simply work.

This living room idea is going to offer the type of aesthetic you are craving by making use of beautiful wooden elements combined with marble elements.

Get the most out of the bohemian living room with the use of these accents.

Fluffy Textures

Textures are essential when it comes to these types of living rooms.

In a bohemian living room, a fluffy element is going to help loosen the overall visual and make it cozier. This can make or break the overall look of the living room and it has to be done the right way.

Fluffy textures can be seen through the type of couch being set up in the living room, throw pillows, throw blankets, or even a pouf ottoman.

Warm Boho Living Room Decor

Warmth is the name of the game when it comes to bohemian living room decor.

When done right, the colors are going to shine through and illuminate the overall beauty of this type of living room decor. It’s going to be stunning and is going to offer the type of crispness you are hoping for.

Enjoy these warmer tones and make the most of them as soon as things are set up.

Brown And Orange Living Room Decor

Certain color combinations are going to work well in a boho living room.

One of those color combinations is going to come in the form of brown and orange. Burnt orange tends to work well and can be used in a wide array of methods depending on the elements you are going for.

Take advantage of these and get those browner elements to work as required.

You are going to fall in love with the overall beauty of this living room decor.

Beige And White Living Room Decor

Just like orange and brown, these are two more colors that are going to work beautifully in a boho living room.

For bohemian living room ideas, you are going to want something that coordinates well and this is where you are going to want to look at a brown-white living room setup.

This is going to use beige and/or brown with the inclusion of whiter elements into the mix.

Gold-Arched Mantle Mirror

Do you have a fireplace mantle in the living room?

Take advantage of it!

This is going to come with the implementation of a beautiful gold-arched mantle mirror. The mirror is going to overlook the charming living room and is going to act as the showpiece of the room.

This is great for setting the right tone and also brightening the space due to how light is going to hit the living room mirror.

Contemporary Boho Living Room Decor

Modern living rooms require modern solutions.

This includes going with sleeker furniture and making sure space is optimized in the bohemian living room.

This idea is going to cultivate those requirements and craft something welcoming, charming, and captivating all-in-one living room idea.

Wooden Tray

Trays are underrated when it comes to getting things right in a bohemian living room.

If you want something warm and welcoming, a wooden tray with decor elements will play a massive role in how things are done.

Don’t take this for granted and make sure the wooden tray looks the way you want it to. This is going to make it aesthetically pleasing and you are going to get the type of aesthetic that’s worth implementing.

Curved Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors are all the rage.

We adore floor mirrors because they are going to brighten the space they’re in and you are going to add another element to the space to elevate its appeal.

Choose a sophisticated curved floor mirror.

This type of mirror is going to look appealing and is going to enhance how the boho living room comes together.

Neutral Boho Living Room Decor

Neutral colors are synonymous with this type of living room.

You are going to want to go with calmer colors to help create that earthiness you are going for. It is important to hit the right notes when it comes to making the living room visually appealing.

You will want to think about how those neutral colors are going to balance out.

Gallery Wall

Want to personalize the wall in the boho living room?

The best way to do this is with the help of a gallery wall. The kit is going to come with the frames inside it and then you are going to want to choose specific photos that will work for your living room.

This can include abstract photos and/or family photos depending on the tone you want to go with in the living room.

Green Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are always going to work in this type of living room.

We would take the time to go with a green accent chair or two. You will want to balance these chairs out with other elements including throw pillows or throw blankets depending on what works for your living room.

These accent chairs are going to add a burst of color to the boho living room instantly.

Gray & White Boho Living Room Decor

Looking for a calming color palette for the living room?

This is where the gray and white boho living room decor is going to shine through. It’s going to appeal to you and it’s going to have that sophisticated charm that you are looking to maximize when it comes to getting things right.

Don’t be afraid to go down this path when you want appropriate results.

Wall Art

Wall art is a good way to beautify the walls in this living room.

The idea is to pick wall art that’s going to personalize the space and is going to match your personality. This is going to include specific types of photos and/or wall art pieces that are going to elevate the bohemian feeling of the living room.

Don’t underestimate the value of good wall art.

Printed Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are great for adding texture.

These work well because they are beautiful, simple, and affordable. You are going to want to choose throw pillows that are aesthetically pleasing and are not going to overpower the rest of the living room.

When done right, the printed throw pillows are going to add the necessary texture you are going for.

Plants And More Plants

Greenery is always welcome in a boho living room.

You are going to want to play around with short and tall plants. These are going to have to be structured in line with the rest of the boho living room decor.

Make sure they are not overwhelming but add the earthiness you want in the boho living room.

Woven Basket

Want a bit of additional storage in the living room?

If so, woven baskets are a great option!

Woven baskets work well because they are elegant and are not going to get in the way. We appreciate the added storage space whether it’s for accessories or anything else you don’t want in the way.

Extravagant Boho Living Room Decor

Do you want to do something unique?

This is where a more extravagant living room idea is going to come to fruition. You are going to want to look at extravagant patterns and/or colors that are still going to remain warm.

When done right, this is going to elevate the aesthetic of the living room and make it the star of the home.

Organic Brown & Green Decor

Brown and green is a good combination depending on the shades you work with.

You will want to mix and match these colors and get things right by maintaining an overall theme in the form of a bohemian living room.

Whether it’s the couch, throw pillows, or anything else, it has to be done with care. This is when the organic nature of the decor is going to shine through.

Sleek Living Room Decor With Plants

A sleek living room is going to include sharper furniture that’s not going to get in the way and is going to help maximize space.

Along with this, you are going to want to add greenery to the living room.

This is going to maintain that earthiness and is going to ensure the living room remains warm.

Airy Boho Living Room Decor

Want an airy boho living room that’s going to be spacious?

This is where lighter colors are going to work well and pay dividends. You are going to want to maintain a lighter tone with the bohemian living room and that’s where this idea shines.

Look at the tasteful color choices and how things are balanced from top to bottom.

Textured Living Room

Textures are your best friend in a boho living room.

With this idea, you are going to be looking at specific rugs and/or elements that are going to add textures and remove some of the monotony associated with bohemian living rooms.

Be willing to free yourself and go with textures that are going to work with the rest of the living room decor.