Moly Grease Vs Red Grease (Compared)

It’s normal to want to find the perfect type of grease for the surface you’re applying it on. The wrong type of grease can do a lot of damage and expedite the deterioration process to the point of no return!

This is why it’s important to dig deeper into each type of grease to find what you are on the lookout for.

A good comparison would be moly grease vs red grease.

Molybdenum disulfide or “moly grease” is commonly used for high-pressure metal surfaces that are slow-moving. While red grease works better on rubber seals, rings, and/or bushings. Both have relevant, targeted uses that help lubricate the surfaces they’re on.

It’s normal to want to use one type of grease on all surfaces.

Unfortunately, this will not yield the results you’re after and is going to ruin things. It is better to go with something that is specialized and will work for the specific surface you are going to apply it on.

This is one of the most important details to remember when comparing moly grease vs red grease.

This guide will take a look at moly grease vs red grease and pinpoint what each one can be used for moving forward.

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What Is Moly Grease?

Moly grease or Molybdenum disulfide is used for high-pressure metal surfaces and is commonly applied on gear-based mechanisms. This helps lubricate the surface and acts as a specialized formulation to help manage a slow-moving, high-pressure metallic surface.

What is Red Grease?

Red grease or red rubber grease is a specialized formulation designed to be used on a wide array of rubber-based surfaces. This includes bushings, gears, and/or any other similar surface. It offers a neat, well-lubricated finish on this type of surface.

Comparing Moly Grease Vs Red Grease

1. Compatibility With Specific Surfaces

The real difference starts with how these types of grease are used.

For example, Molybdenum disulfide or moly grease is only going to be used on metallic surfaces where two of them are grinding together (i.e. gears). If you have a machine that is running two types of metal gears together, you would apply moly grease to keep them functional.

In comparison, red grease is only going to be applied on rubber-based surfaces such as bushings or rubber gears.

It’s important to know this as you don’t want to mix these types of grease or use them on other types of surfaces.

It’s better to go with these specialized formulations for what they are designed to do.

This is how you get the results you’re after.

moly grease vs red grease

2. Durability

For the most part, red grease tends to veer towards longevity and durability compared to moly grease.

Moly grease is applied to keep the gears well-lubricated and functional. This is more performance-oriented even though it does help increase the gears’ age a bit.

On the other hand, red rubber grease does add to the longevity of the rubber and is commonly used for this purpose along with immediate performance.

It comes down to the type of surface you are applying the grease on. If it is the right surface, you are going to see the results you’re after.

3. Efficiency

When it comes to overall performance, you are going to care about efficiency more than anything else.

This is why compatibility matters.

When you apply red rubber grease on rubber surfaces, the immediate lubrication will be noticeable.

This is due to the formulation being designed for that specific purpose.

In comparison, the same goes for moly grease with metallic surfaces or gears. You are going to see immediate lubrication and the results will be noticeable. The gears are going to function better and will be smoother than before.

This is key when finding out which type of grease is good for your surface.

Whether it’s moly or red grease, you need to know where it is going beforehand. This is how you are going to get the type of lubrication you are after as a user.

moly grease vs red grease

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about when comparing moly grease vs red grease.

Moly grease is used for slow-moving, high-pressure metal surfaces such as gears grinding against each other in a machine. On the other hand, red grease or red rubber grease is used for rubber-based surfaces such as bushings.

Each one has a specialized use case and that is how they should be used.

When on the right surface, both types of grease are effective and add value to the setup.

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