Guide On Mounting Ring Doorbell Perpendicular To Door

The Ring doorbell is commonly associated with the future of entrances and most people have them installed vertically to the door.

However, what if you want to mix things up and go with a different setup? How will you go about doing it?

This is when it becomes important to learn how to start mounting a Ring doorbell perpendicular to the door.

When mounting a Ring doorbell perpendicular to the door, start by investing in an adjustable Ring Angle Mount. The traditional mount will only move by 15-degrees offering an inefficient angle. Set this mount by measuring the height, checking the viewing angle, and then securing it.

This is a unique installation angle, but it can be done.

Ring has spent a lot of time working on its camera technology and understands the importance of customizing the installation. This includes how the Ring doorbell is set up and where it goes near the door.

With this in mind, you will want to start by learning what’s required when mounting a Ring doorbell perpendicular to the door.

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Steps For Mounting Ring Doorbell Perpendicular To Door

1. Buy A Full Adjustable Ring Angle Mount

The Ring doorbell angle mount is an important investment before getting started.

You will want to consider different Ring doorbell mounting options and most are going to require a traditional mount. However, when you are dealing with a 90-degree installation, you will need something specialized for this specific orientation.

Otherwise, the Ring doorbell is not going to provide appropriate coverage or it simply won’t work.

This is why you want to start by buying the full adjustable Ring angle mount.

This is a specialized mount that offers 90-degree control and is not going to be as rigid as the other variations. Those tend to only go 15 degrees either way before they stop moving as required.

Look to go with the specialized mount for an installation and then begin with the following steps.

mounting ring doorbell perpendicular to door

2. Measure Everything

You have to measure everything.

This is key when it comes to the Ring doorbell field of view.

Using something ineffective, unsafe, or is not going to work well when set up renders it useless. The same applies to a Ring doorbell that you are going to be installing at an angle.

Measure the height it’s going to be set at, where the mount will go, and how the mount is going to hold up once it’s in place.

These details do matter and you should not be thinking about them later on. You can use a laser level to help with this process as it will make setting it at the right height a breeze.

3. Test The Viewing Angle First

Mounting a Ring doorbell perpendicularly comes down to the viewing angle.

You have to ensure the viewing angle is perfect.

This means you get ample coverage of the space in front of the front door, it’s visible for the visitor to see, and it doesn’t get in the way.

These details matter and you also have to account for multiple people standing in front of the Ring doorbell.

If the viewing angle is not getting a look at both of them, it’s not in a safe spot. You have to think about this and continue to test the Ring doorbell before securing it.

mounting ring doorbell perpendicular to door

4. Secure The Mount and Doorbell

You will now want to secure the Ring mount and doorbell.

Your goal will be to make sure the right tools are put in place and you continue to make adjustments until you get the perfect viewing angle.

This is important because you also want to account for how the mount is going to hold up. Think about these details and then test by applying a bit of pressure on the Ring doorbell.

It should not budge even if you press down on it from different angles. This is mandatory.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important steps to follow when mounting a Ring doorbell perpendicular to the door.

If you are mounting a Ring doorbell perpendicular to the door, invest in a full adjustable Ring doorbell mount. Set it at the right height, measure the viewing angle, and adjust it until the entire area is covered.

This will take a bit of time to do, but the mounting kit should help keep things secure.

Always test the viewing angle at different times of the installation process. This is how you can make sure the Ring doorbell will provide ample coverage and is not going to be cut off from a part of the space in front of it.

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