My Neighbor Leaves Bathroom Fan On All Day! (Solved)

A noisy bathroom fan is disturbing.

You will not find it easy to concentrate and that does become frustrating.

This is why the idea of hearing your neighbor’s bathroom fan run in the background is a terrible experience. It will continue to make noise and you will feel as if things are not in your control due to where the noise is coming from!

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to figure out what to do if your neighbor leaves the bathroom fan on all day long.

If your neighbor leaves the bathroom fan on, start by installing noise-canceling curtains to muffle the sound. It’s also recommended to speak to your neighbor as they might not be aware of the problem it’s causing. If nothing else works, reach out to a local government agency to file a noise complaint.

Please note, in most cases, you will want to maintain a cordial relationship with your neighbor. This is why taking the time to speak to your neighbor and work things out is the best course of action.

You will have a much better chance of getting through to them and all it takes is for your neighbor to turn off the bathroom fan once they’re done using it.

This guide will dive deeper into what to do if your neighbor leaves the bathroom fan on.

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Tips If Your Neighbor Leaves The Bathroom Fan On All Day

1. Install Noise-Canceling Curtains

If your neighbor leaves the bathroom fan on all the time, it’s important to find an in-house solution first.

This will not only help muffle the sound of the bathroom fan but also any other noises that flow in through the walls of your house.

A good example of a solution that works would be noise-canceling curtains.

These are great for muffling any sound that comes in and will be easy to set up. Traditional curtains don’t do such a good job and that can be frustrating for the average person dealing with surrounding noises.

By setting up the noise-canceling curtains, you will cut the sound by more than 50%.

It’s normally recommended to set these curtains up in a window that is closest to the neighbor’s home. This will ensure the noise that is spreading to your house will be reduced significantly.

Of course, you should look to set up these curtains on other windows too.

This ensures you get a more well-rounded noise-cancellation setup that will regulate how much noise comes through during the day.

neighbor leaves bathroom fan on

2. Speak To Your Neighbor

If you want your neighbor to turn off the bathroom fan, it’s best to do the simple thing and speak to them.

Some neighbors might run the bathroom fan because it’s easier for them to remove moisture from the bathroom.

It is not always sinister or something they are doing to bother you. Instead, it might be a personal reason that is causing them to keep the bathroom fan on.

By speaking to your neighbor, it’s possible to get the word across about how much of the sound is filtering through to your house.

3. File A Noise Complaint With Government

Let’s assume nothing seems to work and your neighbor refuses to change their ways.

In a situation such as this, the only way to go is to file a local noise complaint. You can file this complaint if it is obvious the amount of sound coming through is unreasonable.

This is doubly true if the sound continues to come through during the middle of the night.

The government will have someone take a look and will ask the neighbor to keep it down. This can go a long way in controlling how much noise comes from a bathroom fan when your neighbor leaves it on.

Please remember, this is the last step you should be taking.

It will harm your relationship with the neighbor, which is why speaking to them first is always smarter.

neighbor leaves bathroom fan on

Final Thoughts

It is these tips that will work out if your neighbor leaves the bathroom fan on a lot.

If your neighbor leaves the bathroom fan on a lot, start by installing noise-canceling curtains on all of the windows. Next, speak to your neighbor about your concerns and see if that helps. If not, reach out to a local government agency to file a noise complaint.

These steps will ensure the problem is taken care of and your neighbor’s bathroom fan doesn’t become a daily nuisance that is impossible to ignore.

For the most part, speaking to your neighbor is always the best course of action. Some neighbors are simply unaware of how much noise their bathroom fan is making. By letting them know, they can turn it off or change it to a quieter one.

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