Neighbors Leave Lights On All Night! (Helpful Tips!)

Neighbors are not always the best when it comes to their impact on your life.

There are several cases of noise complaints, zoning issues, and/or other concerns associated about their choices. This is why most homeowners will start to worry about what their neighbors are doing and how it changes their lifestyle.

This includes worrying about neighbors that leave the lights on all night.

Neighbors can legally leave their lights on all night. The only time the lights can be cited under statutory nuisance is if they are impacting a person’s quality of life and/or a danger to the health of everyone.

In general, it’s best to find ways to restrict how the light impacts you rather than complaining. In most cases, your complaints are going to be ignored and it will not work out the way you want it to.

This article will take a look at a few helpful tips if your neighbors leave the lights on all night.

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Tips To Consider If Neighbors Leave Lights On All Night

1. Use Blackout Curtains

The best investment a homeowner can make is to buy blackout curtains.

These curtains do an exceptional job of reducing the amount of light that comes into the home. Just setting these curtains up should reduce the light by 80% even if it is bright outside.

If you are worried about speaking to your neighbors and want an internal solution then it is time to buy blackout curtains for your home.

Another option is to invest in shutters that will keep the light out. This is going to depend on your budget for investing in window treatments.

In a lot of cases, this is all you are going to need.

neighbors leave lights on all night

2. Speak to Your Neighbors

You will want to take the time to reach out to your neighbors.

A lot of neighbors are just trying to stay safe and it is not done to be harmful to others around them. This is why taking the time to reach out to the neighbor about their lighting issues could go a long way.

You can also suggest alternatives to make sure you are on their side.

In most cases, neighbors are not breaking the law by turning on the lights but it is recommended to speak to them politely.

There is no reason to be aggressive with your neighbors in a situation such as this.

Look to explain to them the concerns you have and what a better alternative may end up doing for them. This is the best way to go in a situation that is as difficult as this one.

3. Use a Dim Light Indoors

You will want to use a dim light indoors.

The reason for using a dim light is to get rid of the glare from the outdoor light. When it is completely dark indoors, the bright light is going to be piercing as soon as it enters the room.

This can be hard to ignore.

Dim lighting inside can help reduce the effects of exterior lighting coming into the room. This works well combined with blackout curtains.

Having a dim light indoors is going to help spread the effect of the outdoor light.

This doesn’t work for those who want complete darkness indoors when sleeping but it might help for those that are just worried about the glare.

neighbors leave lights on all night

4. Read the Local Laws on Light Pollution

You will want to take the time to read up on the local laws regarding light pollution.

Your neighbor might be breaking the law and that will make it easier to file a complaint. This is common with extremely bright lights that are acting like a laser coming into the home.

Be smart and take the time to go through these details one by one.

If they are breaking the rules, you will want to speak to the local law enforcement to have a word with them.

Related Questions

1. How Do I Deal With My Neighbor’s Bright Lights?

The best way to deal with a neighbor’s bright lights is to invest in blackout curtains or shutters. This will help block the amount of light entering the home at night.

2. Can I Complain About My Neighbor’s Lights?

You can complain about a neighbor’s light as long as it is a danger to your health. This includes a bright light that is shining directly into the home as this can be exposing and dangerous for privacy reasons. In this case, it is light pollution and can lead to a citation in many places.

Final Thoughts

What should you do if your neighbors leave the lights on all night?

If your neighbor’s leave the lights on all night, it’s best to invest in blackout curtains or shutters. This will help keep the light out even during the darkest time of the day.

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