Why Are New Couch Cushions Too Hard? (Fixed)

Buying a new couch is one of the more exciting experiences a person goes through. It’s a beautiful addition to your home and a staple item that will set the tone for everything else in your room.

This is why paying attention to how the couch does in the first few weeks becomes important.

You will notice every little detail including how comfortable the new couch is.

Unfortunately, you might end up asking, why are the new couch cushions too hard?

New couch cushions are too hard because they need time to break in. The couch remains untouched and this doesn’t allow the materials to settle. To fix this issue, sit on the couch for long periods, squish the cushions regularly, and keep the couch at room temperature.

If you follow these steps, the new couch cushions will become softer.

It’s all about breaking things in and making sure the cushions don’t stay rigid for months. IN most cases, you should have the couch ready for use within a week or so.

This guide will explain what to do if new couch cushions are too hard.

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How To Deal With New Couch Cushions That Are Too Hard

1. Squish the Cushions Daily

The best uncomfortable couch fix is to squish the cushions daily.

The reason for doing this is to help loosen the inner materials. If there is foam inside the cushion, this can become a bit boxy out of the factory.

To get rid of the rigidness, you will need to work away at the cushion with force.

Just sit on the couch and begin pressing down on the cushions. Do this for 10-15 minutes while watching TV or using your phone.

It is something as simple as this that will make new couch cushions softer.

new couch cushions too hard

2. Sit On The Cushions For Long Periods

When learning how to make new couch cushions softer, it’s important to stick to the basics.

This means sitting on the cushions for long periods.

If you take the time to spend hours on the cushions, they will break in within a week. Most couches are even faster than that!

It’s just about putting in the time to power through.

Don’t assume what you feel first is how the couch is going to be. It needs time to break in and it will require your help along the way.

If you think your new sofa is too hard then start sitting on it more. This might seem counterproductive but that is the best way to break in a new couch.

3. Keep The Couch At Room Temperature

What temperature is the new couch sitting in?

This is important because if the room is too cold, the inner material will become increasingly rigid.

This is natural because cold causes materials to shrivel up and become harder.

Don’t go in the opposite direction and try to warm the couch. This is unnecessary and can cause cracks to form on the top surface, especially with leather.

Instead, you want to keep the new couch at room temperature.

A new couch will soften if you stick to sitting on it more and setting the right temperature.

new couch cushions too hard

Do New Couches Get Softer?

New couches do get softer. To make this happen faster, spend more time sitting on the cushions during the day, squish them, and make sure to keep the couch at room temperature. If it is too cold in the room, it can cause the material to shrivel up and become harder.

It is something as simple as these fixes that will get the job done.

It is a part of getting a new couch. You will have to let it settle in.

How Long Does It Take to Break In A New Couch?

It can take 4-6 weeks for a new couch to break in. This is solely dependent on how the couch is used during that period. If you are constantly sitting on it and squishing the cushions, it will be closer to the 4-week mark.

Final Thoughts

Why are the new couch cushions too hard?

If the new couch cushions are too hard, it’s important to break them in. The entire process can take approximately 4-6 weeks. To do this, squish the cushions every day, sit on the couch for long periods, and keep the couch at room temperature. This will help soften the cushions in no time.

Just focus on these steps and the new couch will be perfect.

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