Why Does Ninja Air Fryer Smell Like Plastic? (Explained!)

The smell of plastic spreading through a room is unappealing.

A lot of Ninja air fryer owners complain when it comes to the appliance’s stench. This happens when the air fryer is being used for long periods and then it lets off a noticeable plastic-like smell.

This will leave you wondering, why does the Ninja air fryer smell like plastic?

The Ninja air fryer might smell like plastic due to its plastic coating getting exposed to heat when the appliance is running. As the steam is let out, this will begin to spread the smell inside the room. To get rid of the plastic smell, apply light cooking oil to the tray before using your Ninja air fryer.

It is not dangerous and you should not worry about the plastic smell with a Ninja air fryer. Instead, it’s important to stay patient and make sure you are going through all of the steps necessary to cook using a Ninja air fryer.

This article will go into more detail when it comes to getting rid of the plastic smell with your Ninja air fryer.

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How To Fix Ninja Air Fryer That Smells Like Plastic

1. Wash All Internal Components

If your air fryer smells like plastic burning then it likely is letting off plastic fumes.

You will have to control this by focusing on the basics. Before doing anything else to manage the plastic smell from your Ninja air fryer, look to clean the internal components.

You are going to rinse all of them using your hands or put them into a dishwasher. This will ensure they are properly rinsed with soap and water.

The reason for doing this is to make sure you are starting from zero when looking at the root cause of the plastic odor.

Take your time cleaning the Ninja air fryer using soap and water. This will help you pinpoint what needs to be done before you use the appliance again.

ninja air fryer smells like plastic

2. Use Light Cooking Oil To Coat Ninja Air Fryer

You might ask, why does my air fryer smell like chemicals?

The reason an air fryer can smell like chemicals is due to its protective coating getting exposed to heat. This protective coating will smell bad because it starts to let off fumes as soon as the heat is ramped up.

To control the smell, you are going to have to prepare the Ninja air fryer.

This is done with the help of cooking oil. You are going to take light cooking oil and spray or apply it to the internal tray.

This will help protect the coating and make sure the heat does not directly interact with the protective layer.

It’s a simple trick that works well for all air fryers including this one.

ninja air fryer smells like plastic

3. Run On Empty

If the air fryer smells like burning then you are going to have to run it on empty.

This means turn on the air fryer and just let it sit as if you are preparing a meal. You are not going to put anything inside the tray and just let it run through the different steps.

It’s a good way to reset the air fryer and make sure it has a chance to run through the cycle without compromising the food.

It is best to do this with a new Ninja air fryer as that is when the smell of plastic is strongest. If you take the time to do this, you are going to see better results.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons your Ninja air fryer smells like plastic and what you have to do about it.

A Ninja air fryer can smell like plastic due to its protective coating getting exposed to heat. It’s a common issue with newer models that have just been put to use. To get rid of the plastic smell, apply light cooking oil to the inside tray and let it run on empty. It is also recommended to give the internal components a quick wash beforehand.

This is to ensure the protective coating has been rinsed and cleaned before ingredients are put inside.

For most people, this will be all you are going to need to get rid of the plastic smell.

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