Ninja Blender Won’t Lock Into Base! (Solved)

The Ninja Blender is a handy tool to have in the kitchen but only when it works as designed.

One issue people deal with involves the locking mechanism.

You can have a situation where the Ninja Blender won’t lock into the base.

If the Ninja Blender won’t lock into the base, the most common reason is the component’s alignment. To fix this issue, lift the container, place it back on the base, and align it with the arrows before twisting. It should not wobble once it has locked into place.

It’s easy for a person to be in a rush and misalign the container. This is easy to fix and just lifting it will help you reset the container’s position on the base.

You will always want to make sure the rest of the Ninja Blender is also in the right order. This includes the container’s lid. It has to be locked into place and that will once again require a detailed look at the alignment of the lid.

Go through these steps and make sure you are following the arrows on the Ninja Blender.

Here is a look at what you should do if the Ninja Blender won’t lock into the base.

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Steps To Follow If The Ninja Blender Won’t Lock Into Base

1. Lift The Container

If the Ninja Blender is not locking onto the base, this is a sign the issue has to do with the alignment.

As a result, you will want to reset everything.

Do not continue to press against the container in a bid to get it to lock into place. Likely, you are going to be wasting your time by doing this.

Instead, you want to start all over again.

To do this, you are going to lift the container and check underneath to see if there is debris or something that might be blocking the container from locking into place. If so, remove it and try again.

If not, you will still want to lift the container before working on locking the Ninja Blender container to the base.

ninja blender won't lock into base

2. Check The Arrows On The Ninja Blender

The next step is to look at the arrows on the Ninja Blender.

These arrows are there for a reason.

They will tell you which direction to spin the container once it has been put on top. This will ensure it locks into place.

Follow the arrows.

If you go in the opposite direction, it will not lock and it’s going to remain loose.

3. Re-Align The Container And Place It Back Onto The Base

You will now want to take the container and place it onto the base.

The goal here is to make sure it is pressed into place and does not lean to one side or the other.

You are going to begin to check the arrows to see if everything is fine. In general, you want to come straight down with the container to make sure it settles on the base evenly.

This is a common concern when you are in a rush.

Take your time with this step as that is how you are going to get the container to hold in place.

ninja blender won't lock into base

4. Twist The Container & Check For Wobbling

The last step is to twist the container in the direction of the arrows.

You will also want to make sure to test for wobbling or any type of leaning. This is a sign there might be something that is causing the container to not spin properly (i.e. debris or moisture).

Look to lift the container and clean the base if that is the case.

If not, it should click and lock into place once you twist it.

At this point, you should be good to go and it will work the way you want it to.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important steps to follow if the Ninja Blender won’t lock into the base.

If the Ninja Blender won’t lock into the base, the most common concern is alignment. To fix the problem, lift the container, wipe the bottom, reset the container on top, and twist in the direction of the arrows. If it wobbles, try again.

In rare cases, the locking mechanism might be damaged.

You will want to look at the base to see if that is the case. In general, it is likely nothing more than alignment, so it is important to go through the steps in this guide before replacing the unit.

Once the alignment is as it needs to be, the Ninja Blender is going to start working properly too.

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