Why Is Ninja Foodi Fan Not Working? (Solved!)

When the air fryer fan is not working, this means the appliance is not going to function as engineered.

This is why it’s important to figure out what the root cause is and then fix it immediately.

To get started, you will want to figure out why the Ninja Foodi fan is not working.

The Ninja Foodi fan is not working because it’s plugged improperly or the fan has loosened inside. In some cases, the fan might break meaning a replacement is mandatory. To fix this, unplug the appliance, let it sit for 10 minutes, and plug it in again. If this does not work, remove the bottom cover, access the fan, and tighten the screw holding it in place.

For most situations, this will ensure the Ninja Foodi fan is working again.

If the issue has to do with a broken Ninja Foodi fan then you will have to find an adequate replacement. The swap is easy enough but you will have to go and find the part online.

This article will explain what causes the Ninja Foodi fan to not work and what to think about when fixing it.

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Reasons Ninja Foodi Fan Is Not Working

1. Not Plugged in Properly

One of the main causes of a Ninja Foodi fan not spinning has to do with the power supply.

If the appliance is not connected properly, this can create a situation where the fan doesn’t work and the Ninja Foodi doesn’t heat up.

To avoid a situation such as this, you will want to check on the plug immediately.

ninja foodi fan not working

2. Loose Fan

Another reason for the fan not working has to do with it becoming loose.

This can happen unintentionally when you are moving the appliance around during the cleaning process. If you move it hard enough, the fan can loosen due to the screw that is holding it in place getting jarred.

You will want to tighten the screw as soon as possible to ensure the fan begins spinning again. Until then, the airflow will be inadequate.

How To Fix Ninja Foodi Fan That’s Not Working

1. Unplug the Ninja Foodi

The first step is to simply unplug the Ninja Foodi from the outlet.

You will want to have it completely separated from any power source nearby. At this stage, the goal is to let the air fryer reboot itself.

This is going to take 10 minutes and all you have to do is let it sit in place.

Once the 10 minutes are up, you will now plug the Ninja Foodi back into the outlet. It’s generally recommended to avoid having the appliance connected to the same outlet as another appliance. However, this is not mandatory.

In most cases, this will be enough for the fan to start working again.

If not, move to the next step.

2. Access the Fan

You are now going to have to take a deeper look at the fan itself.

To do this, you will want to remove the bottom cover on the Ninja Foodi. Unscrew it and then take a look at where the fan is.

The fan should not be damaged.

If it is broken in any way, this means it is not going to work at all. At that point, you have to replace the Ninja Foodi fan for the appliance to work.

Let’s assume the Ninja Foodi fan is not broken.

If that is the case, you will want to press it in and then tighten using a screwdriver. At times, it can loosen, so tightening it can do a good job.

ninja foodi fan not working

3. Inspect & Tighten with Screwdriver

You will also want to inspect the surrounding components to make sure they are tightened as well during this repair process.

The goal is to ensure the fan only spins and does not move side to side.

Final Thoughts

Look into these steps when your Ninja Foodi fan is not working.

If a Ninja Foodi fan is not working, the root cause is likely the power supply or the fan getting loose. To fix this, start by unplugging the appliance, waiting 10 minutes, and then plugging it back in. If this does not work, unplug it again, access the fan, and tighten the screws.

This is the easiest way to fix a Ninja Foodi fan that is not spinning as it is supposed to.

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