Why Is Ninja Foodi Lid Stuck (Step-By-Step Solution!)

It can become frustrating when the Ninja Foodi lid is stuck and refuses to come off.

If there is a meal inside, you will want to be careful while doing this. The pressure can make this a dangerous situation to be in and something you should be careful about.

If the Ninja Foodi lid is stuck, you will want to look at the right solution to have it come off.

To remove a Ninja Foodi lid that’s stuck, it’s best to check the pressure release valve. You will want to ensure it’s down as that will indicate the pressure is not building up inside. If it is up, let the pressure come out as this is a built-in safety mechanism. If it’s down, you will want to press on it and then spin the lid. This should allow it to come off.

This process can take a bit of time and it’s best to have it sit at room temperature for a while. This will help loosen the stuck Ninja Foodi lid.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what to do with a Ninja Food lid that won’t come off easily.

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How To Fix A Stuck Ninja Foodi Lid

1. Check The Pressure First

Before doing anything, you have to account for your safety.

The main reason a Ninja Foodi lid won’t come off has to do with the built-up pressure inside. This is a safety mechanism that is built into all Ninja appliances and the goal is to ensure you don’t open a pressure-filled appliance in your kitchen.

As you can imagine, this is highly dangerous and something to avoid at all costs.

Since the appliance has a safety mechanism to help users with the built-up pressure, it can sometimes continue to remain active until all of the pressure is out.

Let it quick release and then go from there.

If the pressure is still in there, let it come out by putting the Ninja Foodi aside for another 15-20 minutes.

2. Unplug the Unit

You will want to unplug the unit while doing this.

Do not attempt to take off the lid without having it unplugged and turned off. This is a major mistake that is made and it can lead to a serious safety hazard in your kitchen.

Just unplug the unit rather than attempting to force the Ninja Food lid off.

If you do this, you are risking injury and that is the last thing anyone wants in a situation such as this.

Be careful when you are removing the Ninja Foodi lid and this starts by unplugging the unit. It’s a simple step that will ensure you don’t get harmed during the process.

3. Press The Pressure Release Valve Down

The one thing to look at will be the pressure release valve on the appliance.

The idea here is to see whether or not the Ninja Foodi pressure release valve is set down. If it is not, this means there is still pressure that is coming out of the unit.

When it is down, this means the lid can come off. This is something the unit is programmed to work around.

As a result, you will want to ensure the pressure release valve is pressed down before attempting to remove the lid. Otherwise, it is not going to work regardless of how much effort is put into spinning the lid!

Ninja Foodi lid stuck

4. Spin The Lid

The last step is to now spin the lid while the pressure release valve is pressed down.

You can do this with a spoon or anything that will press down on the valve. As long as you do this, it will allow the lid to spin off.

Remember, you don’t want to be too forceful.

Just take your time and continue to spin the lid until it comes off. In most cases, it is not going to require a lot of force to remove.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow with a stuck Ninja Foodi lid.

If you wish to remove a stuck Ninja Foodi lid, it is best to check the pressure release valve. It has to be down for the lid to come off. If the pressure is out and the valve doesn’t sit flat, it might force the lid to become stuck. To get rid of this problem, manually press on the valve and then remove the lid simultaneously.

This will ensure the lid does come off as you want it to.

To ensure this is not a constant issue, it is best to clean the seal between the lid and appliance. This will make it easier to spin later on.

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