Ninja Foodi Red Float Valve Not Popping Up (How To Fix It!)

When the Ninja Foodi red float valve is not popping up, you are going to wonder whether or not the appliance is fully functional.

A lot of users deal with this issue and it is often due to not knowing how the red float valve in a Ninja Foodi works.

If your Ninja Foodi red float valve won’t pop up, it’s time to determine what’s needed to fix it.

When a Ninja Foodi red float valve won’t pop up, this means there is still pressure inside the appliance. The red float valve is designed to act as a safety mechanism to prevent the lid from opening until the red float valve is down. If it is not functioning properly, make sure the lid is aligned correctly and you hear a beep once it locks into place.

This is the most common reason for the red float valve not working the way it is required to.

This article will take a look at how to fix the Ninja Foodi red float valve in minutes.

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How To Fix Ninja Foodi Red Float Valve

1. Check To See If There’s Pressure Inside The Appliance

The first thing you will want to account for is whether or not there’s pressure inside the appliance.

A red float valve is only going to rise when there is pressure. This is done to help release the pressure and make sure it comes out from the right spot.

However, if there is no built-up pressure to release then the red float valve will remain down. In this case, the lid should come off easily.

If your lid is stuck and there’s no pressure inside the appliance then the issue has to do with the seal. It might be broken causing the lid to get stuck in the same spot.

Take your time to check for the pressure before considering other options. This is a must.

2. Line Up The Lid Properly

if the Ninja Foodi red float valve isn’t working, you will have to check the lid.

The lid might not be lining up properly causing it to not lock. The red float valve is reliant on this locking mechanism to ensure it is activated.

If you are not locking the lid properly, how is the Ninja Foodi’s red float valve going to work? It will not.

This is why you have to make sure any time the lid is set up, it is in place properly. This includes checking the arrows and making sure they are lined up correctly inside the Ninja Foodi.

3. Unplug the Appliance

Let’s assume the red float valve isn’t coming down at all.

You are going to want to unplug the appliance and make sure it is set aside. Do not touch the lid and don’t attempt to pull it open.

This is dangerous and it is the last thing you want to do if there is pressure inside the Ninja Foodi. Remember, the red float valve is a safety feature and it often signifies there is pressure inside when it is up.

Just unplug the appliance to make sure it doesn’t continue working.

ninja foodi red float valve

4. Wait For A Few Hours

After you have unplugged the Ninja Foodi, it’s time to wait a few hours.

The goal here is to let it simmer and make sure the pressure starts to release on its own. Once this happens, it is okay to open the lid even if the red float valve is not functional.

You will then have to take a look at what the issue is for the red float valve not working as it is designed to. In most cases, it is going to have to do with the arrows not lining up when you put the lid back on.

Just correct this for next time and you are going to be good to go.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow if your Ninja Foodi red float valve won’t pop up.

When the red float valve won’t pop up on a Ninja Foodi, this means there is pressure inside the appliance and it is not functioning as required. To fix this issue, you are going to want to check to see if there’s pressure inside, unplug the appliance, and let it naturally release the pressure for a few hours. You will also want to make sure the lid is being put on properly to avoid this issue in the future.

It’s a simple solution but a working red float valve is a must with your Ninja Foodi. Do not overlook this aspect.

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