How To Fix Ninja Foodi Vent Error (Step-By-Step Solution!)

Seeing the VENT error code on your Ninja Foodi can be frustrating.

You won’t know what’s going on and this can delay the preparation of your meal. This is why it’s important to figure out how to fix the Ninja Foodi vent error.

To fix the Ninja Foodi VENT error, turn the pressure release valve and set it to the VENT position. If the error is still there, turn the lid clockwise and make sure it’s sealed shut. For all additional issues, turn off the Ninja Foodi and unplug it for 10 minutes. This should reset the code.

Go through each step and make sure you are paying attention to the LED screen. This is where the error code is going to show and it will eventually go away once the solution is found.

Here is a breakdown of what to do if you are getting the Ninja Foodi vent error code.

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Steps On How To Remove A Ninja Foodi Vent Error

1. Turn Pressure Release Valve To VENT Position

The first solution is to turn the pressure release valve and make sure it’s set to the VENT position. This is mandatory if you don’t want to see the VENT error on your Ninja Foodi.

The reason it tells you to do this is to make sure pressure doesn’t build up inside the appliance to the point of it getting damaged.

The pressure release valve has to be set at the right position for the appliance to work properly.

In most cases, this should get rid of the Ninja Foodi vent error and allow you to continue preparing your meal.

If not, move on to the next step.

ninja foodi vent error

2. Tighten the Lid

Now it is time to assess the lid.

If the lid is not securely in place, you may have to tighten it. This can be done by looking at the arrowheads on the lid and seeing if they line up with the Ninja Foodi itself.

Until they line up, the lid is not going to be securely in place.

This is why you have to tighten the lid carefully and make sure it stays in place.

3. Restart the Ninja Foodi (If Necessary)

If the problem persists and you are still getting the vent error code on your Ninja Foodi then it’s time to restart the appliance.

This means you are going to turn it off and then unplug the Ninja Foodi.

Let it sit in this position for at least 10 minutes and then plug it in again. This will reset the appliance and get rid of any error code that is not supposed to be there.

If you are still getting the error code then it might have to do with a damaged sealing ring inside the unit or a broken sensor. These will have to be replaced for you to not get the vent error code.

What Does Vent Open Mean On Ninja Foodi?

Vent open on a Ninja Foodi means the pressure release valve is currently in the SEAL position and has to be opened to release the pressure.

It’s recommended to know how to use the pressure release valve to avoid damaging the unit and/or ruining your meal.

How Do You Seal the Vent On A Ninja Foodi?

To seal the vent on a Ninja Foodi, turn the pressure release valve to the SEAL position. You will know this has worked when you are not getting the VENT error code on the unit’s LED screen.

It is a simple process that should work within seconds once you have appropriately sealed the Ninja Foodi.

Final Thoughts

Follow these steps to get rid of the Ninja Foodi vent error quickly.

To get rid of the Ninja Foodi vent error, it’s recommended to turn the pressure release valve to the SEAL position and test the lid. If the lid is loose, you will get the error code and it’s best to make sure the arrowheads on the lid line up with the Ninja Foodi.

If you follow these steps, the vent error code will go away as soon as you want it to.

Remember, if the problem persists, it’s okay to unplug the unit and see if that helps the error go away.

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