Why Is There No Power In 3 Rooms? (Simple Fix)

It’s normal to have homes where the power goes out across the board.

This means all rooms don’t have power at once.

However, what if the power goes out in specific rooms? For example, what if you have no power in 3 rooms but every other part of the house is fine?

If there’s no power in 3 or fewer rooms, the issue likely revolves around a damaged component in the shared circuit. It’s common for multiple rooms within a property to share the same circuit. To fix the issue, turn off the power, remove unnecessary loads on the circuit, check the wiring in the circuit breaker, and reset it. Additional reasons can include an overloaded circuit or a damaged transformer.

In rare cases, you might have a tree that severs the line near the house. This can also cause all sorts of wonky symptoms including issues involving parts of your house not having power.

If you are in this situation, there is no reason to panic.

Follow this guide on what to do if there is no power in 3 rooms and you will be good to go within minutes.

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How To Fix No Power In 3 Rooms

1. Turn Off The Main Power & Reduce Load On Circuit

If there is a partial power outage in the house, you will have to pinpoint the specific circuit linking those outlets or fixtures.

This is the most common reason for the issue arising.

You will want to stay safe before fixing the problem. To do this, the main idea is to turn off the power supply and make sure you are reducing the unnecessary load on the circuit.

This includes any device that is connected to the circuit but is not being used.

A good example can be a towel warmer that is set in the bathroom but is not being used right now.

no power in 3 rooms

2. Check Wiring In The Circuit Breaker

You are now going to go to the circuit breaker and remove the front panel.

This will uncover the wiring.

Look at the wires that are connecting to specific tabs on the circuit breaker associated with those rooms.

You will want to ensure the wires are not frayed and/or damaged. This can be a reason for the power going out suddenly.

3. Reset The Breaker

If there’s no electrical power in multiple rooms, you will have to see if the breaker was tripped at any point.

This can be a reason for the power not working in that part of the house.

You can easily fix this by resetting the breaker and waiting for the power to come back on. It should come back instantly if that is the problem.

The breaker can trip if the circuit was overloaded.

 no power in 3 rooms

4. Test The Power In Those Rooms Now

Now it is time to test the power in the rooms that were out.

You will want to see whether or not the power is coming to the light fixtures and outlets. Make sure to check each one to ensure nothing has burned out.

This can happen when you are not careful!

5. Seek Professional Assistance For Damaged Transformer (If Necessary)

The last step is to make sure you also consider the transformer in the circuit.

It is not easy to fix the transformer on your own, which means you will have to consult with a specialist. The electrician will know what to look for and how to fix the problem.

Get them to come in and see where the problem lies if it is not the circuit breaker.

Why Would Power Go Out In Only 2 Rooms?

The power can go out in only two rooms when they are running on a shared circuit. If the breaker trips, it can cause that circuit to stop working. To fix the issue, reduce the load on the circuit, turn off the power supply, check the wiring, and then reset the breaker.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if there’s no power in 3 rooms.

If there is no power in 3 rooms, the most likely reason has to do with overloading on the shared circuit. This can cause the circuit to trip. To fix the problem, turn off the main power supply, reduce unnecessary load on the circuit, check the wiring in the circuit breaker, and reset the breaker.

This will take care of the problem in most scenarios.

If the real problem is the transformer, you will require a certified electrician to help out.

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