What To Do If You Have No Space For Fridge In Kitchen? (Helpful Tips!)

It’s often assumed a fridge will fit into a kitchen.

There are times when the new fridge is not going to fit in an existing kitchen. This can happen for several reasons and it is an issue that will have to be resolved immediately.

So, what do you do if you have no space for a fridge in the kitchen?

If you have no space for a fridge in the kitchen, it’s recommended to remove the stove and install a wall oven in another part of the kitchen. This leaves space for the fridge with the stove used to be.

It’s a simple change that can change the entire look of the kitchen.

For those who do want to upgrade their kitchen with a new fridge, this is an investment that will yield a fresher look and two new appliances. It’s an ideal option for those willing to splurge on a kitchen renovation project.

Here is a look at a few tips on what to do if you have no space for a fridge in the kitchen.

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Tips To Follow If You Have No Space For Fridge In Kitchen

1. Install a Wall Oven

You will want to start by looking at removing the existing stove.

The goal is to take the stove and relocate it into a wall oven. This saves space and is far more efficient when it comes to overall aesthetics.

The stove tends to take up a lot of space in older kitchens and can be removed without compromising what you can do in the kitchen. The wall oven is a winning option and is a common feature in modern kitchens.

It will upgrade the kitchen and also open up space for a new fridge.

The goal when installing a new fridge in the kitchen is to have it within reach. This is not always possible but removing the stove will make it a reality.

Just remove the stove, place the fridge where it used to be, and invest in a new wall oven or double oven.

This will go well with the overall look of the kitchen and make everything more space-efficient.

no space for a fridge in the kitchen

2. Remove Portion of the Countertop

You will also have the ability to remove a part of the kitchen countertop.

This can be possible if the kitchen countertop is running from wall to wall. In scenarios such as these, you want to have the ability to cut through the countertop to add an appliance such as the fridge.

Be diligent and make sure the fridge will have enough space to be a functional part of the kitchen.

Certain kitchens have additional countertop space and this can be cut into as a way to fit the fridge. Consider this as an option if there is no available space anywhere else in the kitchen.

When doing this, it is best to consult with a professional to learn more about your options.

You don’t want to end up cutting a kitchen countertop and then having it stand out for all the wrong reasons. This is possible if the cutting is not clean or the fridge doesn’t fit seamlessly.

A professional can help do this the right way and offer appropriate finishing too.

no space for a fridge in the kitchen

3. Relocate the Fridge

This is the last option you are going to have but it is a common one homeowners consider.

You can relocate the fridge to a different part of the house and go from there. The premise behind doing this is to keep the kitchen in its current state while using the fridge somewhere else.

Usability has to be taken into consideration when locating a fridge and it should be inside a connecting room to the kitchen if it is to be relocated.

Always make sure the fridge is accessible.

You don’t want to have it on a different floor as that will make things difficult. It will impact how you live in the house and that is challenging.

The fridge should be close to the kitchen and it should only take a few steps to get to.

Related Questions

1. Where Should I Put My Fridge In A Small Kitchen?

In a small kitchen, you should put the fridge in an accessible spot in the corner of the room. This allows for the other appliances and features in the kitchen to remain functional and usable.

2. Do You Need Space Around A Refrigerator?

Refrigerators do need space and it is recommended to not block them in from all sides. This means at least two sides of the kitchen should be open and not against the wall.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips to follow if you have no space for a fridge in the kitchen.

When you have no space for a fridge in the kitchen, it’s recommended to remove the stove by installing a wall oven or cutting the countertop to create space. This will vary depending on the layout of the kitchen.

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