How To Fix Outlet Box That Sticks Out From Wall (Step-By-Step)

If the outlet cover is not flush with the wall, it becomes aesthetically unappealing.

Most property owners don’t like something that sticks out like a sore thumb. This is why more and more people try to find out how to fix an outlet box that sticks out from the wall.

To fix an outlet box that sticks out from the wall, turn off the power supply, measure the gap, remove the box, and replace it with a beveled outlet. This is designed to have a thicker build, which keeps the outlet flush against the wall as required.

A flat outlet box is not going to work in your situation. You will need to go with the beveled outlet for it to look good.

Go through the steps and ensure your outlet is in line with the wall.

Here is a breakdown of what you are going to have to do with an outlet box that sticks out from the wall at home.

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Steps On How To Fix Outlet Box That Sticks Out From Wall

1. Shut Down The Power

Before setting up an extra deep outlet cover, it’s important to get the basics down.

This includes not playing around with the outlet box until the power is down. This is to ensure you don’t get electrocuted during the process leading to significant injury.

Protecting yourself is of utmost importance.

Take the time to go to the electrical panel and turn off the power to the outlet. This will ensure the entire circuit is disconnected from the main power source until you are done working on the replacement.

This is the only way to ensure the outlet box does not become a danger to your well-being.

outlet box sticks out from wall

2. Measure The Gap Between Outlet And Wall

Now that the power is off, you will want to take out a measuring tape to see how big the gap is.

If it is a tiny gap, the measuring tape might be hard to use.

Just take a piece of tape or string, mark it, and then measure it separately. This will do the same thing and make it easier for you during the process.

Your goal is to have an exact number in mind before finding a replacement outlet box.

3. Tighten The Screws

Before replacing the outlet box with a deep switch plate or outlet, it’s important to see whether or not the screws are loose.

It is possible the screws are loose and that is all you have to work on.

Take out a screwdriver and tighten each screw. See if that gets the outlet box to press against the wall.

To the surprise of many property owners, this is a detail that matters. You might not have installed it properly the first time around and that is why it’s not sitting flush against the wall in its current state.

Tighten the screws and see if that is the main cause of this issue.

If not, you will move on to seeking a replacement outlet box.

outlet box sticks out from wall

4. Remove The Outlet If Still Sticking Out

It is time to remove the outlet.

You want to unscrew it and disconnect the wiring attached to the part. In most cases, the outlet box is just not the right match for your wall.

It can happen even if the outlet is fine on its own.

Look to use it elsewhere and see if it works in another part of the property.

5. Replace With A Deep Beveled Outlet Box

Once the outlet box is out, you will have to seek a replacement.

We recommend going with a deep beveled outlet box as it will be easy to set up and offer a thicker design that makes it sit flush against the wall.

A lot of property owners go with this because it looks better for their setup.

How Far Should Outlet Boxes Stick Out?

An outlet box should not stick out from the wall. If it is going to stick out, the best-case scenario is to have a deep beveled design. This keeps the outlet flush against the wall while offering a thicker appearance.

The reason to not have the outlet box stick out is due to potential dangers that come along with the gap.

You don’t want moisture getting into there.

Why Is My Outlet Coming Out Of The Wall?

The outlet is coming out of the wall because it’s either screwed improperly or is the wrong fit for the cutout. To fix the issue, tighten the screws or replace the outlet box. To do this, find a deep beveled outlet as it will sit flush against the wall.

This is key when looking to fill the gap between an outlet and the wall.

Final Thoughts

This is how to fix an outlet box that sticks out from the wall.

To fix an outlet box that sticks out from the wall, shut off the main power source, tighten the outlet box’s screws, remove if still loose, and set up a replacement deep beveled outlet. This will sit flush with the wall as soon as it is set up.

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