Reasons Your Outlet Sparked and Popped (How To Fix!)

When an outlet sparks, it is a sign there is something wrong.

A common mistake made by property owners is to notice an outlet spark and ignore it. This is the worst mistake you can make because when an outlet sparks, it might be a sign there’s potential for a fire breaking out later on.

This is why if your outlet sparked and popped, it’s time to find out what happened.

If your outlet sparked and popped, the reasons can include a damaged outlet, loose wiring, or a poorly connected circuit. To fix this, immediately shut off the power supply, replace the old socket, and secure the wiring if it’s loose.

Do not keep using the outlet as this is a serious fire hazard!

This article will explain what to do if your outlet sparked and popped. This includes what the reasons may be for an outlet sparking and popping.

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How To Fix An Outlet That Sparked And Popped

1. Shut Off The Power Supply

If an outlet sparked and popped when plugged in, this is an immediate sign there’s something wrong.

You cannot ignore this nor should you.

It is a fire hazard and will also endanger anything that is connected to it. The first step in a situation such as this is to turn off the power supply to the outlet.

You don’t want power surging through the outlet as that is what is causing the sparks in the first place.

Your goal at this point is going to make sure you can access what is behind the outlet without having to fear electrocution. This is essential and you should not be working on the outlet without shutting off the power supply.

The same applies if an outlet sparked and smoked.

outlet sparked and popped

2. Replace The Outlet

Now, you are going to focus on the first part of the fixture.

This is going to be the outlet.

You want to replace the old outlet because it might be damaged. The goal here is to see whether or not it is the outlet that is causing the sparks.

It is possible an outlet starts showing signs of aging and breaks down. This is common with outlets that are at least 10 years or older.

In a situation such as this, you are going to replace the outlet and see if that helps. This will also ensure you reconnect the wires, which also can become an issue as explained in the coming step.

3. Test The Wires

You are now going to take a look at the wires.

The goal is to see whether one of the wires is frayed or loose. This is reason enough for the outlet to start sparking and making the popping noise.

You will want to make sure the wire is either replaced or secured into place.

This is the only way you are going to see appropriate results and the outlet is not going to become a fire hazard.

outlet sparked and popped

4. Re-Test For Popping Sound

The last step is going to be to test for the popping sound.

This popping sound tends to happen when the electrical circuit is not completing a proper loop. This is when the spark happens and it can become quite dangerous.

You have to make sure the popping sound is gone and that can only be tested when you are using the outlet.

Look at how the outlet works and make sure to test it multiple times. You have to ensure it does not spark or pop.

What Causes an Electrical Outlet to Pop?

An electrical outlet pops when the loop is damaged or broken. This loop is responsible for passing the electrical current from the starting point to the outlet. If there’s a breakage in that loop, the “popping” noise will be heard by you.

This is a sign something is wrong with the outlet or the wiring.

You should not continue to use the outlet when this noise occurs.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to focus on if your outlet sparked and popped.

If your outlet sparked and popped, this means the outlet is damaged, the wiring is loose/frayed, or the electrical circuit is malfunctioning causing the loop to misdirect electricity. To fix this, replace the older outlet, secure the wiring, and make sure the outlet is working properly.

If the issue persists, take the time to reach out to an electrician to see what’s going on.

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