What To Do If Oven Element Blew Up? (Helpful Tips!)

The oven element is responsible for generating heat that is then used to warm food and/or anything that goes into the appliance. If this is not functional, the entire appliance becomes useless as the heat production dwindles.

This is why you have to assess the oven element and make sure it is in working order all the time.

So, what happens if the oven element blew up?

If an oven element blew up, it’s recommended to check the hollow tube near the component to see if it has been compromised. This can get damaged leading to exposed wiring. If this is damaged, it’s best to replace the oven element with a new one.

The installation process with a new oven element is not time-consuming. You can do it with the right replacement part in hand.

Here is a look at a few tips to consider if your oven element blew up.

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Tips To Consider If Your Oven Element Blew Up

1. Check the Hollow Tubing

The tubing is an essential part of the oven element’s design.

You will want to test the tubing and look at how it is structurally. There are several examples where the tubing is compromised and that is the reason an oven element stops working the way it is supposed to.

In a lot of cases, you will want to start by assessing this tube to see whether or not it can be changed or repaired.

oven element blew up

2. Test the Heat Production

You will also want to take a look at the heat being produced by the oven element.

This includes taking a thermometer and seeing the set temperature when the oven is on. If it is refusing to budge, this means the oven element has gone.

When an oven element blows up, it will restrict the amount of heat generated by the appliance. This is why it’s best to test this using a thermometer.

You will want to run this type of inspection as soon as possible.

It will shed light on what the issue is because other components inside the oven need to be accounted for.

Test each component and see whether or not the heat is coming.

3. Replace the Oven Element

This is always a recommended option.

Just take the oven element and replace it with a compatible one. There are specific oven elements available on the open market for your type of oven.

These are the ones you want to invest in.

Most oven elements will last for 5+ years as long as the appliance is kept in working condition.

Always replace the oven element because it’s affordable and safer.

Trying to repair it might backfire and is a solution you don’t want to continue to fix repeatedly.

oven element blew up

4. Check Various Temperatures After Installation

If the oven element blew up, you will want to replace the component right away.

Once the change has been made, it’s time to test the oven element at home. To do this, you are going to run the oven at different temperatures to see how the heat production is.

These changes will let you know if the oven is working the way it is supposed to. If not then it is likely the oven element has not been changed correctly or there is a secondary issue that has to be corrected.

Don’t assume only the oven element has blown out because it can be a multitude of things at once.

1. What Happens When An Oven Element Blows?

When an oven element blows, the electrical circuit is broken. This means the heat production goes down to zero. In certain cases, the surrounding circuit will also get damaged and sparking can occur for a few moments.

2. Why Would An Oven Element Explode?

An oven element can explode when the wires are broken and exposed alongside a loosened coil. This can lead to a situation where the oven element sparks and explodes.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to keep in mind when your oven element blows up.

Don’t panic and make sure to test the wiring. This will shed light on whether or not it’s time to replace the oven element right away.

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