Why Is The Oven Element Not Turning Red? (Fixed)

When an oven is turned on, the first sign something is off is when the oven element doesn’t change to the right color.

This color is associated with heat and is essential for the oven to do its job. If the oven element is not turning red, this means something is wrong with the appliance.

When an oven element is not turning red, the most common issue is a damaged or malfunctioning upper heating element. To fix the issue, turn the oven on, let the element settle, tighten the connectors, and look for a color change. If the color doesn’t change or changes in parts, this means the element has to be replaced.

If an oven element is not working, it will stop turning orange or red.

This is the first sign something is not functioning the way it is engineered to. This is why testing the oven element and checking its color becomes important.

This guide will take a look at how to fix an oven element that’s not turning red and what your options are moving forward.

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Steps To Follow If The Oven Element Is Not Turning Red

1. Inspect The Upper Heating Element

If the oven element is not turning orange or red, this means the upper heating element is the problem spot.

This is where the main connecting points are, so you will want to test the connectors to see whether or not the heating element is working as it is supposed to.

In the beginning, just turn on the oven and see if the oven element changes colors.

Don’t put anything inside the oven. Let it run and see what happens.

Is the oven element changing colors? Is it remaining as it was when the oven was off? Is it changing in parts?

This is valuable information to determine what your options are before getting started on a fix.

oven element not turning red

2. Run Oven To See The Oven Element’s Color

When you run an oven to see the oven element’s color, you have to pay attention to what the color is.

For example, a fully functional oven is going to turn dark orange or red. This is normal and it is what you would expect when the heat is turned on.

If it is not turning on at all then the color is going to remain the same.

If it is turning on but the color doesn’t change this means the oven element is weaker than it originally was.

The last stage is when the oven element changes colors in parts. This means some parts are orange while others are not turning on at all.

This is why it becomes important to get a read on the underlying issue before working on a proper repair.

3. Tighten The Connectors

Before replacing the oven element, it is best to try something simpler.

Just look at the connecting points that are holding the oven element in place. If the element’s color isn’t changed, this could be something as simple as the element not being connected properly.

If you were moving things around, you might have knocked the oven element out of sync with the connection points.

Look to find those connecting points and tighten them.

You can also let the oven element cool and use your hand to see if the element moves around when you push on it. If it’s loose, you will notice right away.

oven element not turning red

4. Remove And Replace Oven Element (If Required)

The last step is when nothing works.

You are going to know the oven element is dead and will not be changing colors anytime soon.

The only viable option then is to remove and replace the oven element. Make sure the new oven element is compatible with the appliance and fits perfectly.

Once in place, re-test the oven to ensure the new element is working as designed.

Should Oven Element Glow Red?

A functional oven element should glow red or dark orange. This is a common color for a hot oven element to change into. If the color doesn’t change when the oven is on or it changes in parts, this means the element is about to go out or dead. To fix the issue, tighten the connectors or replace the oven element.

Final Thoughts

Follow these steps if an oven element is not turning red.

When an oven element is not turning red, the most common problem is the upper heating element. Inspect the heating element by turning on the oven and letting it get hot. If the color changes, the element might have to be tightened. If it doesn’t change to dark orange or red, this means the oven element has to be replaced.

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