Why Is The Oven Element Touching Bottom Of Oven! (Fixed)

It’s important for an oven element to function properly for the internal temperature to remain stable and for the heating process to ignite.

If the heating element doesn’t work or is in the wrong position, this can ruin the oven to the point of no return. This is why you have to be careful and make sure the oven element is in working condition year-round.

A rare issue that does pop up from time to time is when the oven element is touching the bottom of the oven.

If the oven element is touching the bottom of the oven, start by unplugging the appliance. Once done, remove the racks to access the heating element and then unscrew it to take out the component. Next, check and tighten the wiring holding the element. If the wiring is damaged, replace it.

In some cases, the heating element might have melted and that can cause it to start touching the bottom of the oven.

If this happens, the best course of action is to take out the entire heating element and replace it with a new alternative.

This article will go through the steps to consider if the oven element is touching the bottom of the oven.

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How To Fix Oven Heating Element Touching The Bottom Of Oven

1. Unplug The Oven

With an oven element touching the bottom of an oven, you will want to turn off the power as soon as possible.

Do not keep running the oven with the element in this condition.

It is likely too loose and/or damaged, which means it could ruin other parts of the oven or die out if the appliance is kept on.

Take your time to unplug the oven and make sure nothing is powering the appliance.

oven element touching bottom of oven

2. Remove The Racks To Access Oven Element

Once you have unplugged the oven, you are now going to want to pull it out of where it is located.

This will give you better access to the rest of the appliance.

The goal here is to take off the racks that are in the way. These racks are going to have to be removed if you want to get to the oven element at the bottom of the oven.

Be patient while removing the racks and set them aside in a sanitary spot. You will have to put them back later.

It is often recommended to rinse the racks since you have already taken them out.

3. Remove The Oven Element

You will now have complete access to the oven element.

The goal here is to remove the oven element.

There will be connectors holding the element in place even if it is touching the bottom of the oven. You will want to carefully remove these connectors.

This will reveal wires that are holding the element and powering it. Make sure those wires don’t slip out when you remove the oven element.

Hold them in place and then inspect each one for damage.

oven element touching bottom of oven

4. Check And Tighten The Connectors

If the wires are not damaged, you are likely dealing with an oven element that has loosened over time.

This can often happen when an oven was moved from point A to point B.

The best option here is to check each connector and tighten it. This will ensure the hold improves and the oven element doesn’t continue touching the bottom.

5. Replace The Oven Element (If Necessary)

If there is a situation where the oven element is too damaged, it is best to replace it. This will always reset the oven and make it easier to heat.

Always look for a compatible oven element when doing this.

You will want it to be a perfect fit as that is what will ensure the oven’s performance doesn’t dip.

When setting up the new oven element make sure the wires are connected properly. You want them to be secure to avoid damaging the oven element again.

Final Thoughts

What should you do if the oven element is touching the bottom of the oven?

If the oven element is touching the bottom of an oven, start by unplugging it from the outlet. Once done, remove the racks to access the oven element. Now, unscrew the oven element while holding the wires. Check each wire and tighten it if there is no damage. If there is damage, replace the wire and/or oven element.

This is the best way to get the results you desire.

Don’t rush the process and inspect everything. It’s the best way to make sure you are treating the oven element properly and it doesn’t underperform once the appliance is turned back on.

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