The Oven Heating Element Melted! (Fixed)

The oven heating element is an integral part of the appliance and has to be structurally intact for the oven to function.

In some cases, the oven heating element can melt. This happens when the oven cavity has a dramatic increase in temperature and that causes the oven element to melt.

If the oven heating element has melted, it’s time to look at how to fix the issue.

For an oven heating element that has melted, the best solution is to replace it. If the damage is minor, look to find the root cause behind the increase in temperature, re-test the oven element, and see if it is still heating the appliance. If not, it will need to be replaced.

For the most part, you should not be using a melted heating element even if it does work. This is a temporary fix and one that isn’t going to help the heating element last as long as you want it to.

A lot of people will get a few more months from the oven element before it needs to be replaced with a compatible alternative.

This guide is going to take a look at what to do if the oven heating element melted and what to account for when deciding whether or not to replace it.

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How To Fix Oven Heating Element That Melted

1. Consider A Compatible Replacement

When the oven element has melted, you will need to do the smart thing and replace it.

In most cases, the oven will simply refuse to heat when the element is damaged. This happens because the oven element is responsible for generating the heat and if it’s malfunctioning, the rest of the oven won’t work either.

This is why you have to consider the long-term effects of not replacing a damaged oven element.

Look for a compatible oven element and replace it instantly. This will always be the best solution.

oven heating element melted

2. Inspect The Melted Oven Element

Before deciding one way or the other, you need to see how bad the damage is.

Find the melted oven element, take a look at how it is, and see whether or not it can be salvaged.

If a huge chunk of the oven element has melted, this is likely a good sign that it is impossible to save and needs to be replaced.

If a small amount has melted, the oven element might still work.

Check the connectors and then find where the issue is. This is going to have to do with the temperature increase in the oven cavity.

3. Locate Why The Oven Cavity’s Temperature Increased

How do you find the root cause of the temperature going up in an oven cavity?

The best place to look is for a leak.

If there is a leak, this causes heat to build up to where it shouldn’t. You will want to look along the sides of the oven cavity for holes.

If there are holes, replacing the oven element won’t help either. You need to fill these holes and make sure the heat isn’t leaking into the cavity.

Always figure this part of the problem out before moving forward with a replacement.

oven heating element melted

4. Re-Test The Oven Heating Element

Let’s assume you have fixed the root cause and want to check the oven element’s performance.

The best option is to re-test it.

You are going to do this by turning on the oven and seeing if it warms up. If it does start heating up, you are on the right path and the oven element is still functional.

In most cases, this will fix the issue but only in the short term. You will still need to consider replacing the oven element as time goes on or it will fade out.

Why Do Oven Elements Melt?

Oven elements melt when the temperature in the oven cavity rises dramatically. This happens when there is a leak causing heat to build up inside the oven cavity. Fix this issue and the oven element will stay safe.

Final Thoughts

What should you do if the oven element melted?

If an oven element has melted, this means there has been a rapid increase in the oven cavity. To fix the issue, inspect the oven element, look for holes, tighten the connectors, and fix any gaps in the oven cavity before re-testing the element. If it is fully melted, it is best to replace it instantly.

This is the right way to tackle the problem and make sure the appliance works as it is supposed to.

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