How To Fix Paint That Smells Bad On Walls (Step-By-Step Solution!)

When you paint the wall, it can become frustrating to walk into a room that smells rancid or like rotting eggs.

You will want to correct the issue as soon as possible!

If you notice paint that smells bad on the walls, it’s likely going to involve bacteria. If the paint has been left out for too long or was stored at the wrong temperature, this can occur.

To fix the paint that smells bad on walls, it’s best to use a mixture of 1 cup bleach + 10 cups water. You will rub this mixture across the wall and let it dry completely. Once dry, apply a coat of primer to seal the paint and get rid of the stench.

This solution will take a few hours to complete but will get rid of the bad paint smell in your room right away.

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Steps On Fixing Paint That Smells Bad On Walls

1. Clean The Walls

The first step is to clean the walls.

You will want to ensure the surface is clear of any dirt or debris that has settled on top. This is common in a dirtier room that has not been touched for a while.

Just take a dry cloth and rub it against the wall.

You can also use a specialized wall cleaner such as the one linked above. It is up to you.

2. Use Bleach + Water Solution On Walls

You will now move on to the most important step in the process.

Take a small bucket or can and start pouring 10 cups of water inside. You will then take traditional bleach and pour a cup to create the cleaning mixture.

Once it’s mixed, you will now have the perfect cleaning solution to tackle the smelly paint on the wall.

If the walls smell after painting, you will want to rub this solution along the top surface. It should be wet to ensure the solution has time to soak in.

3. Use Primer for The Top Surface

Once you have allowed the solution to dry, you will want to touch the wall to make sure it is not moist in specific spots.

The entire wall has to be dry before you can move on to the next step.

The rancid paint odor will already start subsiding at this point. If your paint smells like feet then you might have to apply the bleach again.

From this point, you are now going to apply a coat of primer to the wall. Let it dry and you should be good to go.

Why Does My Wall Paint Stink?

Wall paint can stink if it has not been stored properly. This can cause bacteria to develop, which produces a terrible smell. You will notice this stench as soon as the canned paint is opened or applied to the wall.

The best solution is to use bleach + water to help purify the paint and get rid of the stench. This is the only way to ensure the entire room doesn’t start stinking like rotten eggs.

This is key as you learn how to get rid of bad paint smells in your room.

paint smells bad on walls

Can I Paint Over Smelly Paint?

You can paint over smelly paint as long as the wall is dry. If the paint has not had a chance to dry, the new paint will mix with the old leading to a worse smell. Let the original paint dry and then apply a coat of fresh paint to the same wall.

This should help reduce the smell.

If it continues to smell, you should look to clean the wall and then use a coat of primer too. This should help further reduce the smell of sour paint on the wall.

This process might take a day but it will be worth the hassle.

Final Thoughts

Follow these steps if the paint smells bad on your walls.

If the paint smells bad on your walls, it’s best to use a mixture of bleach and water. This solution will be applied directly to the wall from end to end. Once the entire wall is covered. let it sit and dry for as long as necessary. After this, you will apply a coat of primer to get rid of the stinky paint smell.

This process can take a few hours depending on how large the wall is.

Take your time and make sure the surface has been cleaned before starting the cleaning process. It will save you a lot of time and ensure the coat of primer looks aesthetically pleasing.

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