Guide On Painting Granite Countertops (Step-By-Step!)

Granite is a resilient material that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, and ideal for contemporary homes.

This is why more and more people are now starting to invest in granite countertops for their kitchens and bathrooms. If you are someone that has already done this and wants to spice things up a bit, it might be time to start looking into painting granite countertops.

How do you paint granite countertops the right way?

It’s recommended to clean the top surface when painting granite countertops and using specialized acrylic paint for this type of material.

Settling for anything less than this may lead to splotchy results that are uneven and ruin the granite’s texture.

This article will provide a step-by-step breakdown of how to paint granite countertops using acrylic paint and what to think about during the process.

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Tips On Painting Granite Countertops

1. Use Acrylic Paint Only

The best place to start is by using acrylic paint for granite countertops.

This is the only paint that is effective on granite and will lead to a more balanced result. Anything else will be splotchy, uneven, and unappealing even when applied by a professional.

The acrylic paint is going to hold well on the granite countertop giving it the stylistic look you are after as a homeowner.

There are several paint kits for granite countertops that you can look into as a homeowner. It’s recommended to buy one of them before starting.

2. Clean the Debris

Now it is time to start working on the surface of the granite countertop.

When painting a granite countertop, you will want to make sure it is a clean surface before beginning. This means taking a dry cloth and gently wiping away at the top surface to remove dust, food, and/or anything else that is on there.

This will give you a blank canvas to work on when it is time to start painting.

painting granite countertops

3. Tape the Edges

Taping the edges to avoid getting paint onto the backsplash/wall/sink is a must. You don’t need the paint splashing all over the place and it’s best to cover things to the best of your ability.

The tape will be a good starting spot.

Just put the tape into place along the edges and that will keep the other features safe.

If you try to paint a granite countertop without the tape, it might lead to a situation where those features get ruined and it takes away from the work you are doing.

4. Apply The Primer

It is now time to prep the surface for acrylic paint.

To do this, you are going to take the primer that comes along with the kit. This primer is going to help optimize how effectively the paint settles on the top surface of a granite countertop.

If you don’t use a primer, it might lead to cracking and unappealing results.

Take a roller and evenly apply the primer from one end to the other. This is a must to get the type of results you are after as a homeowner.

painting granite countertops

5. Wait 8-10 Hours To Dry

You will now want to wait for the primer to dry on the granite countertop.

This should take approximately 8-10 hours depending on how much sunlight is in the kitchen along with the indoor temperature. All of these factors are going to account for the drying phase and its timeline.

Your goal should be to continue assessing the granite countertop during this phase. Make sure it is even and everything looks orderly.

You can always go back and apply primer during this phase and wait a little bit longer for it to dry. There is nothing wrong with doing that.

6. Use Sponge To Apply Paint

Now it is time to start focusing on painting the granite countertop.

To do this, you are going to take a sponge and begin dabbing it in the acrylic paint. The idea behind doing this is to get the necessary effect of a granite countertop.

This is why you don’t use a roller. You do want that organic result that only comes with the help of a sponge.

Don’t forget this when it is time to start applying paint on a granite countertop. Otherwise, you are not going to see appropriate results.

During this phase, you will also want to take into account how evenly the paint is getting applied. Make sure the sponge goes into the corners so you are not left with missing spots.

painting granite countertops

7. Dry For 4-5 Hours

After the paint has been applied and you are fully satisfied with the outcome, it’s time to let the paint dry on the granite countertop.

How long should you want for paint to dry on a countertop? It’s recommended to wait approximately 4-5 hours.

You can touch a small part of the granite countertop to see whether or not it is dry as you get closer to the 4-5 hour mark.

8. Apply Topcoat

This step is going to be the finishing step in the painting process.

The topcoat acts as a protective layer for the paint to make sure it doesn’t begin to chip. You will want to apply the topcoat to the granite countertop as soon as you can.

After the countertop has dried, it is best to take a small brush and begin applying the topcoat. Do it evenly and make sure to get the spots around the edges.

This is the only way to feel good about the results knowing the quality will be there and the granite countertop won’t look aged after a few months.

painting granite countertops

9. Wait 3 Days Before Using Countertop

The last step in the painting process involves waiting until you use the granite countertop.

It’s easy to get eager and start using the countertop as soon as you can. While this is okay when it comes to cooking, you should not be placing appliances such as toaster ovens on the top surface until a few days have gone by.

This is just to make sure the paint and topcoat settle.

Otherwise, it is possible there will be small splotches across the surface where the appliance is placed. This is not something you are going to want to see.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips when painting a granite countertop at home.

When painting a granite countertop, it’s important to use a three-layered approach. You will want to have a complete kit offering a primer, paint, and topcoat product. This is the only way to get the desired results you are after as a homeowner.

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