20 Beautiful Pampas Grass Decor Ideas

Pampas grass is one of those exceptional home decor elements that you are going to want to use to your advantage.

We often see people mixing and matching elements to ensure they see appropriate results when things are set up.

This won’t be an issue when you are looking to get creative with the help of pampas grass. This is an exceptional item to have up your sleeve and will look amazing as soon as things are set up.

Here are the best pampas grass home decor ideas to consider for your place.

Short Pampas Grass In Small Vase

Don’t want things to stand out too much?

We understand sometimes you are looking to put a bit of pampas grass in the corner of a room or on a dresser.

It will not have to stand out too much.

As a result, we would look at going with a small vase and put short pampas grass inside. This is going to give you a beautiful finish that is easy on the eyes and is not going to get in the way.

Pampas Grass In Woven Vase

A woven vase is one of those magical elements that is going to take your breath away as soon as you see it.

We adore how warm and welcoming this type of vase is.

As a result, you are going to want to combine this beautiful vase with pampas grass. It’s going to create a breathtaking combination that’s worth putting in your room.

Vase With Black Pampas Grass

Most people are only going to be looking at white pampas grass but there is black pampas grass too.

You will want to use this as a unique modifier on the options out there depending on the theme of your room.

We would look at getting a beautiful vase and adding black pampas grass into the mix.

Pampas Grass On Coffee Table

Want to put pampas grass on a coffee table?

We have seen people do this and it looks gorgeous. You are going to add the type of texture that is easy on the eyes and is going to appeal to your needs right away.

We adore how this pampas grass looks and the coffee table is going to look better too!

Console Table With Pampas Grass

Want to put pampas grass on a console table?

Console tables need to be dressed up a bit too. It is easy to do this whether the console table is near the entryway or in the living room.

We would look at getting a small vase and putting the pampas grass inside it. This is going to help beautify the console table instantly.

Pampas Grass In Living Room Corner

The placement of pampas grass in your living room is all about the finer details.

We recommend taking the time to look at all of your options and figuring out what is going to work best for your situation.

This includes placing the pampas grass in the corner with a vase. This is going to help elevate the aesthetic of the living room right away.

Silver Vase With Pampas Grass

A silver vase is highly recommended for those who want something elegant, welcoming, and charming for the room.

This is going to offer that shimmer and beauty that you are striving for with pampas grass.

It also complements the color of the pampas grass well.

Pampas Grass In Vase

This is a straightforward setup and one that is easy to personalize.

We feel this is a minimalistic design that works and has proven to deliver aesthetic value to any room it is put in.

Get the pampas grass in the vase and call it a day!

Pampas Grass In The Bedroom

Want to put pampas grass in the bedroom?

This is a wonderful idea because it’s going to add a bit of warmth and airiness to the bedroom.

Look to add pampas grass in the bedroom with the help of a small vase. This is going to be more than enough to add character to the space.

Vase On The Floor With Pampas Grass

Where do you want to put the pampas grass in the room?

What about putting it on the floor?

Look to get a floor vase that is easy to set up and is going to work well with the pampas grass inside it. We love this aesthetic because the core focus remains the pampas grass.

Pampas Grass Centerpiece

A centerpiece with pampas grass is going to be a real winner.

This is a gorgeous home decor idea that simply works. It’s going to be elegant and charming in a way that’s important to those who want something beautiful.

Maximizing the look with the right centerpiece style such as this one.

Pampas Grass In Vase With Greenery

Putting pampas grass in a vase is just one step of the idea.

You are going to want to take the pampas grass and add a bit of greenery into the mix. This is going to add more color and freshness to the idea in a way that is ideal for a modern room.

This is one of those home decor ideas you will know is great as soon as you see it.

Large Stems With Pampas Grass

The size of the stems with the pampas grass cannot be underrated.

The balance between the stems and the pampas grass will work well. You are going to get a nice blend of heights and it’s going to flow nicely.

We love this look because it plays with how the eye sees the pampas grass.

Dresser With Pampas Grass On Top

Do you want to put the pampas grass on a dresser?

If so, you are looking at the right idea here.

This is an example of what you can do with something as simple as pampas grass. The pampas grass is going to blend nicely onto the dresser and it’s going to beautify its top.

White Vase With Pampas Grass

A white vase is a good option for pampas grass because it’s going to highlight the tranquility of this solution.

It will be elegant and calming.

We recommend this type of design for the living room or bedroom because of how tranquil it looks.

Elegant White Pampas Grass

Elegance is the first thing you are going to appreciate about pampas grass.

It is going to have this sophistication that is hard to beat. You are going to fall in love with how it turns out and that’s what matters the most.

Play around with how this vase looks and how the pampas grass pops.

Pampas Grass With Cotton Stems

The right combination is a must when it comes to using pampas grass at home.

We would look at adding cotton stems into the design idea. This includes putting a vase together with the use of pampas grass and cotton stems.

This mix is going to work well and look amazing from all angles.

Pampas Grass In Gold Vase

A gold vase is one of the challenging issues a person deals with when it comes to modern pampas grass.

We find it to be important for those who want a beautiful gold vase.

The gold vase is essential when it comes to maximizing pampas grass and getting it to look more sophisticated.

Black Vase With Pampas Grass

Want to try something different with the pampas grass?

Why not attempt to go with a black vase?

The black vase is going to add a unique twist to the use of pampas grass at home. We love how this turns out and feel it has the overall charm that is going to blow you away.

Tall Pampas Grass

The height of the pampas grass is going to matter a lot.

We feel this is one of those options that will do well when you are attempting to add more visual height to the decor piece.

Get a taller vase and then invest in pampas grass.

This is going to give you the type of combination that will take your breath away.