Peel Away 1 vs 7 – Which Is The Best Paint Remover For You?

When it’s time to remove paint at home, you will come across two options.

Peel Away 1 and Peel Away 7.

Both options are going to claim to work well on removing paint, yet you won’t know which one is best. This is when going through a comparison of Peel Away 1 vs 7 becomes the right choice.

Peel Away 7 is ideal for top layers of paint and works well with modern formulations. On the other hand, Peel Away 1 is good for older layers of paint and can help with stubborn spots. It’s best to use both in combination for maximum results.

If you only have to remove one layer of paint at home, it’s okay to use Peel Away 7. It will do a good job and lead to the results you want.

This article will look at the differences between Peel Away 7 vs Peel Away 1.

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Differences Between Peel Away 7 vs Peel Away 1

1. Number of Layers

The number of paint layers will play a role in which remover is best.

For example, if you have a surface that has multiple layers of paint then it’s best to use Peel Away 1. It is going to be more rigorous and is a formulation that will get all the way through to those layers and strip them as needed.

However, if you want something faster then you will want to take a look at Peel Away 7 for removing paint.

In any situation where there is one layer, it is best to go with a quick solution, and Peel Away 7 tends to do a good job.

If you have multiple layers then it is best to use Peel Away 7 to remove the paint.

It’s best to keep this in mind when looking to buy a good paint remover for the home. Most people will need to go with both as a way to better understand what is going to work well for removing paint.

peel away 1 vs 7

2. Handling of Stubborn Paint

Stubborn paint is also going to play a role in comparing the two.

If the paint is difficult to remove, you will require something more potent in the form of Peel Away 1. This is going to rigorously work away on the multiple paint layers even if they are stubborn.

Using Peel Away 7 can work but it tends to do better on modern paint formulations.

Once the paint settles in and has dried for years, it is not going to be as easy to remove. A good paint remover will require something more potent such as Peel Away 1.

peel away 1 vs 7

3. Timeline

It is the timeline that is going to matter when you are looking to remove paint on a surface.

Peel Away 1 tends to work faster when you have multiple layers to remove. However, Peel Away 7 is good as a biodegradable solution that will be quick to remove one layer.

For modern paint, you will want to use Peel Away 7 as it is known for working on this type of formulation.

The goal is to focus on what you need and go from there. If you settle for less, it might not work as efficiently as needed.

This can become a real hurdle if you have to remove paint on a larger surface.

For the best results, look to combine Peel Away 1 and Peel Away 7 for removing paint. It will work the way you want and it will look clean too.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about when comparing Peel Away 7 vs Peel Away 1.

Peel Away 1 is good for multiple layers of paint and can work through tough paint surfaces easily. On the other hand, Peel Away 7 is a biodegradable paint remover that does well on removing single layers and modern paint formulations.

The best way to choose between Peel Away 1 and Peel Away 7 paint remover is to look at your specific situation.

If you have to work through multiple layers of paint then it makes sense to invest in Peel Away 1 or both of these products for maximum results.

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