Should You Place Air Purifier High or Low? (Answered)

Getting an air purifier is wonderful, but where should it be placed?

It’s normal for homeowners to become confused when it comes to setting up an air purifier in the room. You will want to ensure it’s in the right spot and can deliver optimal results whenever it’s turned on.

This is why the best question to ask is – should you place an air purifier high or low?

Air purifiers should be placed higher off the floor. The rule of thumb is to set up an air purifier between 3-5 feet off of the floor. This provides ample space for it to purify the air and provide comprehensive coverage.

If you place an air purifier on the ground, it will work, but the results won’t be optimal. The airflow gets restricted lower to the ground, which makes it important to have it closer to the midway point between the floor and ceiling.

This is why the 3-5 foot range is recommended for air purifiers.

This article will provide tips on whether to place an air purifier high or low along with what to consider during the process.

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Tips For Placing Air Purifier In A Room

1. Place 3-5 Feet Off Of The Ground

While figuring out where to place an air purifier, you have to start with the basics.

This includes assessing where you will get the most coverage. A good example can be a table that is set up in the room providing uninterrupted access to the air.

This is the only way an air purifier can do its job.

If it is impeded by furniture or any other obstacle, this will take away from the air purifier working properly.

You need to ensure it’s clear of everything and is set up at least 3-5 feet off of the ground.

Having it too low or too high won’t let it perform the way you want it to.

place air purifier high or low

2. Keep Away From Windows

The best place to put an air purifier in the room is away from the windows while having it 3-5 feet off of the ground.

The goal is to make sure the air being purified is within the room itself.

You don’t want it too close to the window as that can impede its ability to work within the room it’s set up in.

This is a common mistake that is made, especially during the warmer months of the year.

3. Maintain a Central Location

You should aim to find a central location when it comes to installing an air purifier in the room.

The reason for doing this is to make sure it has full access to the airflow in your room. If not, it might purify the air but the process is going to be much slower.

You want to have it in a central location that allows the air to be purified quickly.

It’s the same reason as having it 3-5 feet off of the ground.

You want the airflow to the air purifier to be as hassle-free as possible. This is when the air purifier is going to shine and offer the value you expect from it.

place air purifier high or low

Should You Put An Air Purifier On The Ground?

You can put an air purifier on the ground but it’s not recommended. Small and medium-sized air purifiers perform better when they are 3-5 feet off of the ground. A larger air purifier can do well on the ground but it still won’t provide optimal value.

You are better off finding a spot that is somewhere at the midway point of the ceiling and floor.

If it is hard to do this, just keep it within that 3-5 feet range.

You will see much better results by doing this and it will allow the air purifier to purify the air quickly.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips on whether to place an air purifier high or low.

When placing an air purifier in a room, it’s best to have it set between 3-5 feet off of the ground. This allows the air purifier to clean the air and work at an optimal level. Having it too close to the ground can lead to inefficient results.

It is better to find a safe spot for the air purifier that is off the ground and centered in the room.

In some cases, this might be impossible but you have to get as close to this as you can. If you do this, the air purifier is going to improve the air quality instantly.

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