Plunging Shower Drain Made It Worse! (Step-By-Step Solution!)

Shower drains can get clogged from time to time.

The best course of action is to understand what’s going on through a comprehensive visual inspection. This can help pinpoint what the underlying cause is and what type of solution will unclog a shower drain safely.

If you say that plunging the shower drain made it worse, it’s time to focus on a new solution.

If plunging a shower drain made it worse, use a plastic drain snake to help unclog the drain quickly. This simple tool will help go deeper into the drain and unclog the problem area. If necessary, rinse the drain using a specialized drain cleaner afterward.

When learning how to unclog a shower with standing water, the drain snake is your best friend. It’s far better than a traditional plunger and will make things as easy as they need to be.

Here is a complete look at how to remove debris from a shower drain using a drain snake.

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Steps On How To Remove Blockage From Shower Drain

1. Inspect the Shower Drain

If a shower is not draining and is clogged, you will want to begin with a simple visual inspection.

This is to ensure the blockage is not right near the entrance of the shower drain. This can be scooped up with your hand or a small scoop. You will not require a drain cleaner or even a drain snake for the task.

This is also the reason a plunger will not work for the shower drain. It will simply push the debris further down causing it to become increasingly trapped inside.

Instead, you will want to visually inspect the shower drain and pinpoint where the clog is.

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2. Use a Drain Snake

Now it is time to take out a plastic drain snake to unclog the shower drain.

You will want to grab the drain snake, make sure the water is off, and then push straight down into the drain. Do not insert the drain snake at an angle as this might cause it to wedge into the drain leading to additional concerns about a prolonged blockage.

When the drain snake is inside, you are going to open it up as that will loosen the debris.

In most cases, this will work within a few minutes. If not, keep trying and make sure you go deeper into the shower drain to get all the way through.

3. Rinse with Water

The last step is to rinse the shower drain using water.

You are also welcome to pour in a specialized drain cleaner for the task. This will help loosen anything that is still inside the drain allowing you to have peace of mind.

However, this is not mandatory.

You are going to see impressive results by pouring warm water down the shower drain and making sure it does not stand still in the tub.

Once you have rinsed it, the shower drain should be good to go.

Is It Bad To Plunge A Shower Drain?

It is bad to plunge a shower drain. The reason has to do with how a plunger works. It will push the debris further into the drain cause it to compact inside and become much harder to break. It’s better to use a drain snake to help loosen the debris and make sure water gets through once the shower is running.

Most people will assume a plunger will work as well as it does when unclogging a toilet.

This is incorrect.

A toilet is not the same as a shower drain. The drain will get blocked if you use a plunger inside a shower.

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Can I Pour Boiling Water Down My Shower Drain?

You can pour boiling water down a shower drain. To avoid damage to the tub, use a funnel as this will ensure the water does not splash around and goes directly into the shower drain as required. This is a safe and effective solution for unclogging a shower drain.

When you are pouring hot water down a shower drain, take your time. This will help unclog the shower drain and keep it as functional as you want it to be.

This is a must when trying to do things the right way.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons plunging the shower drain made it worse.

If plunging the shower drain made it worse, your best solution is to use a plastic drain snake. Inspect the shower drain, check where the blockage is, push the drain snake inside, and unclog the drain. Once done, rinse the drain using a drain cleaner and/or water.

This is a safe and simple solution that works well in unclogging the average shower drain.

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