Why Is My Portable Air Conditioner Not Evaporating Water? (Fixed)

Portable air conditioners are versatile, easy to set up and work well in a wide array of situations for cooling purposes.

You will feel in control of how they function within a warm setting. However, this is not always going to be the case when the air conditioner stops working the way it is supposed to.

This is when you will want to ask, why is the portable air conditioner not evaporating water?

The portable air conditioner is not evaporating water because the air filter is dirty, it’s too humid in the area, or the condensate pump is malfunctioning. To fix the issue, replace the air filter, inspect the condensate pump, check the drainage, and restart the system.

It’s common for the portable AC to not evaporate water.

There is no reason to panic and going through these steps will fix the issue as soon as you need it to. There are several situations where this can happen and inspecting the air conditioner in detail is a must.

This article is going to show you more about what to do as you learn how to fix a portable air conditioner not evaporating water.


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How To Fix A Portable Air Conditioner Not Evaporating Water

1. Change The Air Filter

If the air conditioner is filled with water, you are going to need to inspect the air filter.

This is a common reason for the evaporation process slowing down and it has to be corrected or the surrounding components will get impacted.

You will want to react quickly and put in a new air filter as soon as possible.

Changing the air filter is going to ensure the airflow is back to how it needs to be. This is also going to speed up the evaporation process in the unit as you want.

2. Inspect The Condensate Pump

The condensate pump can also start malfunctioning. This is a pump responsible for the management of water inside the unit.

It continues to pump the water forward to make sure it goes through the evaporation process as intended.

Unfortunately, when the condensate pump is not working or damaged, you are going to start seeing issues with the rest of the unit’s performance.

You will want to take the time to look at this part of the unit to see whether or not it is in good shape.

3. Check The Drainage

Have you taken the time to see if the water is draining properly?

When the water is not draining the right way, this can start to show signs of trouble for the rest of the unit.

You will want to make sure the water is not collecting where it shouldn’t. This could be the reason everything is overflowing and not working as you want it to.

The best solution is to see where the water is collecting.

You will notice the level is not going to change when it is in the unit. This is a sign the drainage is not working as it should and that is what is causing everything to back up to the point of breaking the unit’s performance.

4. Restart The Unit

When you have gone through with the fix and made sure everything is back to how it needs to be, you are now going to restart the portable air conditioner.

To do this, you are going to unplug the unit and make sure there is no electrical current going through the unit for at least 10-15 minutes.

This is going to help the unit cycle through and work as you want it to.

It is common for the unit to have to settle down and you can do this by simply unplugging it. This is not going to take a long time and it will also let the unit rest for a bit.

Final Thoughts

These steps will help you learn how to fix a portable air conditioner that’s not evaporating water.

If the portable air conditioner is not evaporating water, this means it’s too humid in the area, the air filter is dirty, or the condensate pump stopped working. To fix the issue, change the air filter, check the condensate pump for damage, look at the drainage, and restart the unit.

You will have to be methodical when working on fixing a portable air conditioner that’s not evaporating water.

In most cases, the issue is going to have to do with the air filter. It will be dirty and clogged.

Changing it is going to make sure the unit starts working as you want it to.

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