Why Is There Power To Outlet But It’s Not Working? (Simple Fix)

If an outlet stopped working, it’s important to find out what’s going on.

Due to the nature of an outlet and its link within the electrical circuit, you need to pinpoint the main issue before moving forward.

This includes figuring out where there is power coming to the outlet but it’s not working.

If there is power coming to an outlet but it’s not working, this means the circuit breaker might have been tripped. Another common reason involves loose wiring attached to the receptacle. To fix this, first reset the circuit breaker by pressing the button in. If this does not work, shut off the circuit breaker, replace the outlet, and reconnect the wiring properly.

One of these solutions will take care of the problem because power is still coming to the outlet. It’s common for this to happen.

Go through this guide to learn more about what to do if there is power coming to an outlet but it is still not working.

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How To Fix Outlet If There’s Power But It’s Not Working

1. Reset The Circuit Breaker First

The first thing you want to focus on is how to reset a tripped breaker.

To reset a tripped breaker, you will have to access it and press the button in. This will reset the breaker and reactivate the outlet since the power is already there.

Almost 80-90% of outlet-related issues happen because the circuit breaker tripped. If you focus on this, you can move forward with a viable solution.

2. Check For Loose Wiring Attached To Receptacle

Let’s assume the circuit breaker is not the issue.

Now, you will want to go to the circuit breaker and shut it off for that outlet. This will ensure power is not going through to that part of the property.

Always do this to make sure an electrical current is not running through to the outlet when you are repairing it.

Once the power is off, you will now want to check for loose wiring connected to the receptacle. It is likely still connected but it’s loose.

This happens and the goal is to check for loose wiring by being careful and testing how it is linked to the receptacle. If it is still loose then make sure to keep this in mind when putting the outlet back together as you will have to secure it in place.

3. Replace The Old Outlet

Before looking at tightening the wiring with screws, you will want to replace the old outlet.

The reason for doing this is due to making sure everything is brand-new. Having a new outlet will eliminate some of the concerns you may have about the outlet not working the way it is supposed to or still having foundational issues as the current passes through.

By replacing the outlet, you can rework the connections and make sure the wiring is in place properly.

Make sure to get a good outlet that will work well for that part of the circuit.

power to outlet but not working

4. Re-Connection & Tighten the Wiring

The last step is to reconnect the loose wiring.

This can be done with screws as some wires are attached directly to the receptacle. This means they are not secured using screws or anything that will keep them in place.

The goal is to make sure this does not happen moving forward. There should be something holding the wires in place at all times.

This is a must.

By having screws in place, you will ensure the wire does not budge. Keep this in mind when you are focusing on what works and what does not as it will matter a lot.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about if there is power coming to an outlet but it’s not working.

When there is power coming to an outlet but it’s not working, the main reason has to do with the circuit breaker being tripped. The second reason can be loose wiring connected to the receptacle. To fix this, start by resetting the circuit breaker to see if that’s the issue. If not, shut off the circuit breaker, replace the aging outlet, and reconnect the wires securely.

These steps will ensure the outlet works properly once you plug something in.

Please note, it is also recommended to test the electrical current going to the outlet. This can be used with a voltage tester. You should do this for all of the outlets to make sure they are working properly.

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