Why Is Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Not Retracting? (And How To Fix It)

Pull down kitchen faucets are a fascinating fixture as long as they work properly.

In some cases, the kitchen faucet won’t work as intended. This leads to a situation where your pull down kitchen faucet is not retracting.

If the pull down kitchen faucet is not retracting, the screw on the spray hose has likely loosened. To fix this, locate the spray hose under the sink, find the screw near the middle, and tighten it. This should help adjust the hose and ensure it retracts again.

Some people make the mistake of unscrewing everything and opening the faucet up. This is unnecessary as the engineers behind a pull down kitchen faucet already account for this during the design phase.

This weighted screw near the middle of the spray hose is there purposely to help with adjustments.

Here is a breakdown of what you have to do if a pull down kitchen faucet is not retracting.

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How To Fix Pull Down Kitchen Faucet That’s Not Retracting

1. Locate Spray Hose Under The Sink

The first thing you are going to do is locate the spray hose.

This is a specialized component that is located underneath the sink. Don’t attempt to open the faucet from the top or remove anything.

This is unnecessary and will not solve the issue.

All of the adjustments are going to be made via the spray hose. This is why you will want to go straight to this part of the kitchen faucet to see what’s happening.

Once you spot the spray hose, you will want to scan it to see whether or not it’s damaged. If it’s in working condition, your next step will be to locate the screw.

2. Check the Adjustable Screw

The screw is commonly found somewhere on the spray hose.

It will be used to tighten and adjust the spray hose depending on how loose you want it to be. This is essential as that is how the “retracting” component works.

If it is too loose, the hose is not going to retract at all.

This is why you have to take the time to check on the adjustable screw to see how much it’s moving around. If it is moving too much, this means you have spotted the problem.

Please note, in some cases, this part is not going to have a screw. It will easily open using your hands and can be adjusted up or down based on how tight you want the spray hose to be.

This will depend on the model you are working with.

For some, all you are going to have to do is unclasp the spray hose and then readjust where the clasp is located. This will be all you are going to need to tighten it the way you want it to be.

3. Tighten the Screw

To fix the pull down kitchen faucet that’s not retracting, it is essential to look at the screw itself.

This will help pinpoint what is going on.

You have to tighten the screw and make sure you are taking your time in locking it into place. Continue to move the hose up and down to see whether or not it’s retracting during this process.

It will help indicate how tight the screw has to be.

pull down kitchen faucet not retracting

4. Re-Test The Pull Down Feature

You will now want to complete the process by re-testing the pull down feature.

This means you will want to start using the kitchen faucet and attempt to take out the faucet before putting it back. If it does not move the way you want it to, this means the screw still has to be tightened a little more.

If it does move back then you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

These are the only tips you are going to need if the pull down kitchen faucet is not retracting.

If a pull down kitchen faucet is not retracting, the issue likely has to do with the spray hose. This is a component that is located under the sink and you can check the clamp that’s hooked onto it. This clamp is responsible for the “retracting” feature. To fix this, you will want to tighten the clamp. Each model is different as some have two screws while others have a simple clasping feature.

It’s an easy fix and one that is not going to take a long time to complete.

Focus on taking your time working on the spray hose and ensure it works the way you want it to.

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