Can You Have Range At End Of Cabinet Run? (Answered)

Having the side of the stove exposed is an interesting topic.

It’s common for modern kitchens to have ranges in unique spots. One of those spots can include a design where the stove is exposed.

However, one question you are going to have is, can you have a range at the end of a cabinet run?

It is not recommended to have a range at the end of a cabinet run. It’s often an inefficient use of space, difficult to maintain, and can also demand regular maintenance. However, it is legally acceptable to have a range at the end of a cabinet run.

The most important factor to consider is what works for you.

Do you want a range at the end of a cabinet run? Do you want the range exposed from one side?

These are important questions to ask and it’s best to go through them one by one before deciding.

This article will take a look at the disadvantages of a range at the end of a cabinet run.

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Negatives of Range At End Of Cabinet Run

1. Gets In The Way

The main issue has to do with how the range is used.

It’s going to get in the way when it’s in this spot. The reason cabinets tend to be on both sides of the range is to ensure everything else remains accessible.

Most cabinet runs end with open space or a doorway.

This means a range at the end of a cabinet run will spell disaster. It is likely going to get in the way and the smell will also radiate to other parts of the house.

You are better off having it in another spot where it is not going to get in the way.

range at end of cabinet run

2. Harder To Maintain

Maintenance is something you are going to have to think about.

It’s not easy to maintain a range that is in this spot. It is going to be exposed to one side, which can cause it to become more prone to damage.

If you are regularly using the range, this will only get worse with time.

The reason most ranges are central in the kitchen has to do with keeping them safe. It optimizes the rest of the layout.

When you move it to the side, you immediately take away this advantage.

3. Can Be Dangerous

To the surprise of many homeowners, it is dangerous to have the range in this spot even if it is allowed legally.

Yes, building codes in the region might allow it, but that does not mean it’s the safest option available to you.

Why is it not safe?

Imagine something happens to the range and it starts sparking. This is going to cause a fire to break out.

When there is a fire, it will spread to other parts of the house because of where the range is located in the kitchen. It is also going to end up blocking the doorway if that is where you put it.

It’s a major risk and one you should not be following through with as a homeowner.

range at end of cabinet run

Can A Stove Be At The End of A Counter?

You can have a stove at the end of a counter. State building code allows for a stove to be installed in this position as long as all other regulations are accounted for. However, it’s never recommended to have a stove in this spot. It’s inefficient, unsafe, and not ideal from a maintenance perspective.

It’s best to have it centralized in the kitchen.

This will help optimize how well it works throughout the year. This is especially true for those who are going to be using the stove all the time.

Final Thoughts

Is it smart to have a range at the end of a cabinet run?

It is not recommended to have a range at the end of a cabinet run. This can make the range harder to maintain, inefficient, and a safety risk. It’s better to have it in a centralized spot. However, building codes do allow for a range to be installed in this spot if that’s your only choice.

It’s best to take your time and look at all other options before deciding.

If you do put it in the corner, make sure it is fully protected. This includes regular checks to see how it is performing.

You will have to be at the top of your game.

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