Why Is The Range Hood Making Noise When Off? (Fixed)

Range hoods are known to make a bit of noise and this is to be expected when the fixture is turned on.

However, what if the range hood is making noise when off?

If a range hood is making noise when off, the most common reason is a clogged filter, damaged vent, and/or a loose power connector. To fix the issue, check each component, change the filter, and restart the range hood.

It’s not ideal to deal with banging noise coming from a range hood when it’s off. If you are dealing with this at home, it’s best to take a step back and inspect every aspect of the fixture.

This guide is going to take a look at why your range hood is making noise when off and what to do about it.

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Steps To Follow If Your Range Hood Is Making Noise When Off

1. Check The Filter

The first step is to check the filter.

A range hood is going to have a filter that is used to purify the air that is going through it. This is essential as it catches anything that goes through the fixture and ensures it continues to function as required.

Unfortunately, it is common for a range hood to start making noise when turned off.

If this is happening, you will want to inspect the filter to see whether or not it’s clogged. If the filter is clogged, this is likely the reason for the noise.

You will want to change the filter and see if that helps. Also, check to see if the filter or any of the surrounding components are loose. If they are, this can also be a reason for the banging sound that comes.

The filter can start moving on its own and that is when the noise becomes obvious.

It is in your best interest to make sure you are changing the filter routinely. This rings true even when the range hood is in perfect working condition.

range hood making noise when off

2. Inspect The Venting Setup

Have you taken the time to look into the venting setup?

Sometimes, the vent gets restricted and that is the reason for the noise. It leads to the clogged portion becoming a major troublemaker that creates noise even when the fixture is off.

You will want to go all the way through.

This includes looking at where the release is for the vent. Sometimes, the issue is on the other end leading to outdoor winds funneling through and generating noise. You will only hear them sometimes, which means it is a vent-related issue.

If you are hearing a “whoosh” sound then it is likely the vent that is the problem.

3. Check The Power Connectors

To the surprise of many people, it can be the power connectors that are creating issues with the range hood.

Why is this the case?

The real concern has to do with one of the power connectors coming loose and then sparking. This is a fire hazard but it is also reason enough for sound to start coming from the range hood.

You will want to look into all of the power connectors to ensure they are fully intact. This is mandatory.

It is for your safety.

If there is damage to one of the power connectors, do not use the range hood until it has been repaired.

range hood making noise when off

4. Tighten All Loose Parts

If a range hood is making noise, always go through the entire fixture and see whether or not there are loose parts.

Some parts will begin to rattle because they are loose.

You may not notice this when the range hood is on but it does become obvious when it is off.

Take the time to look into these components and tighten the somewhat loose ones.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about with a range hood making noise when off.

If the range hood is making noise when off, this means the filter is clogged, the vent is clogged, and/or one of the power connectors is loose. To fix the issue, check these components, change the filter, and then restart the range hood.

For the most part, this is going to be enough to resolve the issue and let you focus on using the range hood rather than fixing it.

Be patient and thorough during the repair process.

You will want to look through all of the components to ensure you don’t miss anything. This is what leads to the same noise popping up again even after you fix everything.

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