Why Is The Refrigerator Leaking Sticky Liquid Inside? (Fixed)

It’s important to pay attention to how a refrigerator is performing including pinpointing whether or not it’s fully functional.

This becomes a legitimate concern when the refrigerator begins leaking. This creates a scenario where the fridge doesn’t run smoothly and can also ruin the food that is inside if left unfixed.

With the refrigerator leaking sticky liquid inside, it becomes essential to figure out what the root cause is.

If the refrigerator is leaking sticky liquid inside, this means oil is leaking from the compressor. When the compressor is compromised, it will leak fluid or stop working. To fix this issue, unplug the fridge, remove the back panel, and inspect the compressor. Check for damage and replace it if it’s broken.

You cannot keep running the fridge if the compressor is leaking. This will leave a mess everywhere and create a situation that’s not good for the appliance.

This article is going to take a look at what you should do if the refrigerator is leaking sticky liquid inside.

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How To Fix A Refrigerator Leaking Sticky Liquid Inside

1. Unplug The Fridge

If the refrigerator is leaking a white substance or there’s an oily residue near the bottom, you will want to immediately unplug the appliance.

Don’t let the fridge keep leaking when there is an oily substance coming out.

This is dangerous and it is something you will want to fix before it starts impacting other components in the back panel.

You can end up ruining the fridge when you don’t account for this.

Your goal has to be to inspect where the oil is leaking from in a fridge and what can be done about it immediately.

Start by unplugging the fridge to make sure the oil doesn’t keep coming. This is essential when it comes to doing things the right way.

refrigerator leaking sticky liquid inside

2. Remove The Back Panel

If the fridge is leaking brown liquid inside, you will want to pull the fridge out after it has been unplugged.

The goal here is to remove the back panel and get a proper look at the fridge’s compressor.

Why the compressor?

The compressor is often where the leak comes from. Brown liquid tends to come out of the fridge’s compressor because that is where the oil is.

You will want to take off the back panel to see what’s going on inside. This will shed light on what the real issue is.

3. Inspect The Source Of The Leak

You will want to inspect the source of the leak.

This is a real concern when it comes to where the oil is coming from. You don’t want a situation where the liquid continues to leak from the fridge.

This can create a scenario where you don’t know what to do next.

Find where the leak is coming from and then assess that specific component to see what’s the root cause.

In most cases, it’s going to be the compressor.

Look at the compressor in the back panel to see what the issue is. It tends to be a tank-like design that will be noticeable from afar.

It will have cords attached to it and that is where the leak tends to come from.

refrigerator leaking sticky liquid inside

4. Replace The Compressor

You are going to have to likely replace the fridge compressor if it leaks.

This is why the best thing a person can do is take out the compressor as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are going to see major issues over the long term that are not worth it.

If it is a loose cord then you might be able to tighten it.

If not, it is time to replace the fridge’s compressor. For some people, this is not worth it with an older fridge and you are just going to replace the appliance.

It is recommended to do this with an aging fridge.

Otherwise, you will want to take out the tank-like compressor and replace it with a compatible alternative.

Why Is There Brown Liquid Coming From Under My Fridge?

The brown liquid coming from under the fridge is refrigerator oil. This is often caused due to oxygen ruining the oil and causing it to not cool properly. This will eventually lead to the brown liquid pouring out of the bottom.

Why Is My Fridge Leaking White Stuff?

The fridge is leaking white stuff because the defrost drain is blocked. To fix the issue, access the defrost drain and remove the debris that is inside. It’s common for things such as rice and/or other food particles to get lodged inside the defrost drain.

Final Thoughts

This is what matters when fixing a refrigerator leaking sticky liquid inside.

If a refrigerator is leaking sticky liquid inside, this is likely refrigerator oil coming from the compressor. The oily substance will be noticeable near the bottom of the fridge. To fix the issue, unplug the appliance, pull it out, remove the back panel, and look for the tank-like compressor. Replace the compressor if it’s damaged.

For the most part, you will have to change the fridge’s compressor once it starts leaking.

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